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Increase Retail Sales With A Point Of Purchase Display

Using a Point of Purchase Display (POP Display) is a great way to increase retail sales. Not only do they grab the attention of consumers and add interest to the overall ambience in stores, but they also increase the sale of products featured in them.

Describing the value of a Point of Purchase Display

Essentially, a point of purchase display acts like an eye-catching marketing tool that retailers can use to increase the visibility of a specific product. When placed strategically, it can help companies get users to try out a product for the first time as well as increase the number of times consumers purchase it mainly due to impulse. In the marketplace, impulse purchases are responsible for a lot of revenue.

For more common products, they help consumers remember they need them. For new products, they help boost the amount of attention on them so consumers will be tempted to try them. For items that usually sell regularly but could use a boost in an effort to outsell their biggest competitors, a point of purchase display can often make that happen.

Whether their design is simple or more elaborate, increasing the visibility of products in point of purchase displays is extremely beneficial for retailers and store owners.

Best reasons to use a Point of Purchase Display

While point of purchase displays have produced great results for many years, here are some of the most common reasons retailers use them:

To Boost Sales Of Items That Compliment Each Other: When products compliment each other, a point of purchase display provides an excellent way to promote them together. Commonly, this works well with chips and dips, shampoo and conditioner, razors and shave gel, cookies and crackers, etc.

To Increase Attention On Seasonal Products: POP Displays are outstanding at reminding consumers to buy holiday decorations, cook-out favorites, fireworks, sunscreen and tanning oils, snow shovels, ice melt, sports equipment, snacks for Super Bowl parties, and any items that would impact the purchasing decisions of consumers based on special occasions coming up soon.

To Introduce New Products: Highlighting a new product in a point of purchase display is a great way to help consumers become aware of it.

What can make a Point of Purchase Display more effective

Understanding A Target Audience: Understanding a target audience can help companies focus their message on what impacts their buying decisions. It can also help designers use ad elements that are most likely to help a point of purchase display successfully connect with a company’s most likely customers.

Strategically Capitalizing On Placement: Just like the location of a retail store impacts the amount of revenue it receives, where products are located within it impacts the decisions of consumers as they shop as well. Similarly, the location of point of purchase displays in stores impacts how well they perform.

The Addition Of Video Content: To be the most effective, a point of purchase display should never be boring. In today’s world, people love videos and they work extremely well in marketing. Fortunately, mass manufacturers have learned how to affordably include video screens in almost anything, including POP Displays. To learn more, read We Can Put A Video Screen In Anything (almost).

Get an excellent Point of Purchase Display from MediaFast

To make the most of an opportunity to make sales before consumers leave their stores, a point of purchase display offers retailers an excellent way to boost revenue. Not only do they increase the number of impulse purchases, but the use of videos in them can make them even more interesting and effective.

For retailers, using a point of purchase display is one of the most inexpensive ways to promote products. For consumers, videos being included in them increases the chances that they’ll listen to a company’s messages and respond to a call-to-action.

To learn more about Point of Purchase Displays or any of the other marketing products we offer, contact us today.

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