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This is a MediaFast video brochure for Tomorrow's Children's Fund.

Increase Revenue With Video Brochures

Using video brochures is a great way for companies to increase revenue. They grab attention, capitalize on the power of videos, help set companies apart from competitors, and produce tremendous ROI.

Also, video brochures excel at getting the attention of targeted prospects, and they are extraordinarily effective when used for sales, fundraising, training, recruiting, branding, sharing testimonials and many other business purposes.

From start to finish, we can help get them scripted, produced, printed, manufactured and even distributed at an affordable cost. We have some of the best prices in the industry, and we’re an excellent company resource.

How video brochures increase revenue

In today’s digital world, videos seem to be everywhere. Many people apparently like watching videos more than reading or looking at still images, and videos have become more common in business than conference calls.

To attract and hold attention, videos are practically unbeatable. They’re entertaining, captivating, time-saving and excellent for telling stories. They arouse more senses in humans, which makes it easier for viewers to remember messages, and they flourish when used for many purposes. For most people, it is virtually impossible to be in a room where a video is playing and concentrate on anything else.

20 ways video brochures increase revenue

  1. Companies can target their most likely customers with video brochures.
  2. For the money, video brochures are more cost effective to make and distribute than other popular forms of advertising, marketing, branding, recruiting, training, motivating, fundraising, entertaining and ways to share testimonials.
  3. They engage all the same senses as a TV commercial but are much less expensive.
  4. People believe companies who use videos know better how to connect with them.
  5. video brochure enables companies to market their products or services more often without one of their representatives having to be present.
  6. They generate the best ROI.
  7. Recipients can watch video brochures wherever and whenever it is convenient for them.
  8. To experience a video brochure, all a recipient has to do is open it (there is no need for an internet connection or electricity).
  9. The batteries can easily be recharged just like cell phones.
  10. Recollection skyrockets in humans when there is a combination of audio and visual.
  11. Video content in video brochures can be easily changed with a Mac or PC, which means they are reusable.
  12. They make companies look more modern and attractive to potential clients.
  13. They win the battle for attention because recipients are more intrigued by them than other marketing pieces.
  14. Studies show recipients don’t throw them away like more traditional forms of marketing.
  15. Recipients regularly share them with co-workers and other decision-makers.
  16. They sometimes make sales themselves.
  17. They often make an average salesperson a great salesperson.
  18. They create the perfect way to get a follow-up appointment.
  19. They can draw more traffic to a website with QR codes placed on the printed portion of the units so users have another opportunity to connect with potential clients.
  20. It has been reported that people are 85% more likely to purchase something they are thinking about buying after watching a video about it.

MediaFast video brochures are unbeatable

For between $20 and $65 per unit, you can purchase a video brochure from us to hand directly to your most likely customers. That is substantially less than you might pay for online promotions or other forms of marketing. You can almost feel guaranteed recipients will watch your video, and your video brochure will make your company more memorable for everyone who views it.

We’ve witnessed video brochures quickly become the best video marketing solutions for many companies, and those companies firmly believe they are worth every penny.

Also, we only use brand new, Grade A components built to last in all of our products. Their reliability and the satisfaction of our clients matter the most to us, and we are committed to providing excellent quality and outstanding customer service.

If you are interested in using video brochures, contact us today.

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