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This is a MediaFast video box for Retainers For Life.

Increase Sales Extraordinarily With A Custom Video Box

A custom Video Box provides one of the very best ways for companies to increase sales extraordinarily. With respect to the phrase “Presentation Is Everything”, a Video Box is a dynamic marketing piece that helps companies get the most for their marketing dollars. On top of that, our processes make designing and distributing them easy.

Examples of Custom Video Boxes Made by MediaFast

For anyone who is not familiar with them, here is a short video. Also, there are examples of ones we’ve created below.

As you can see, custom Video Boxes are eye-catching, classy, and unique for marketing. When recipients receive them, they usually can’t resist opening them right away – almost like they’ve just received a present. Then, watching the video that instantly begins playing inside the box top is extremely influential. As well, viewing the samples or gifts located inside simply becomes better due to the stunning presentation they get presented in.

When a marketing department does a good job of identifying a company’s most likely customers, sending Video Boxes practically ensures they’ll be engaged. Then, as long as the message effectively shows them how the product can satisfy their wants or needs (or improve their lives in some way), the chances of them becoming paying customers increase substantially.

What Your Custom Video Box Will Tell Prospects

Sending gifts to customers acknowledges their value and lets them know how much they’re appreciated. Sending samples to prospects effectively shows them what your products can do for them, which is what they’re most interested in anyway. Here are some examples of Video Boxes we’ve created:

As you’re probably already aware, videos have the ability to say and show a lot of information in a short period of time. They’re far more effective than written words or motionless images, and people usually appreciate when they’re available.

With a Video Box, what might make the greatest impact on a recipient is that someone thought highly enough of them to send them a marketing piece so classy, unusual, and expensive looking. They’re definitely not common. If you’ve ever had the experience of opening one yourself, you know exactly how novel and impressive they are, which helps explain why they’re so effective in marketing.

For companies, sending a Video Box with a gift or samples is a highly effective way to impress prospects and strengthen current relationships. Not only do they make recipients feel special, but they also have a way of creating feelings of gratitude. In marketing, doing so dramatically boosts effectiveness and opens doors that sometimes otherwise would never be opened.

Increase Sales Extraordinarily With A Custom Video Box

To make a powerful statement to prospects, sending samples in a custom Video Box might be unbeatable. To do the same for current customers, sending gifts in them is an extraordinary way to keep them loyal. With that said, Video Boxes are less expensive than you might expect. Return on investment with them makes them well worth the money is costs to have them, and for many companies, one or two sales recoups the entire cost.

Also, with regards to distributing them, we offer a complete mailing service so our customers can remain focused on what they do best.

To purchase a custom Video Box for your company so it can make the most out of its marketing budget, or to get a FREE SAMPLE, contact us today.

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