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Increase Sales With a Point of Purchase Display

In retail settings, a point of purchase display (POP display) can boost sales tremendously. Not only will it draw more attention to specific products, but it will also improve a store’s atmosphere for shoppers.

Improve retail settings with a Point of Purchase Display

A store’s atmosphere includes the physical attributes used to create feelings and attract the attention of consumers. It contributes directly to the customer experience and has always been a very important element in the competitive field of retail.

For retailers, it’s vitally important they pay attention to their store’s atmosphere and remember how beneficial it is to make it enticing for shoppers. While it may be hard to place a dollar amount on how much of an affect it has on sales, it matters a great deal. Consumers care about how places they shop look and feel, and they make purchasing decisions based on those conditions.

Increase impulse purchases with a POP Display

Buyer psychology plays a huge role in retail settings. Where a point of purchase display is placed strongly affects how well the items on it sell, and impulse purchases are affected drastically by placement.

For example, batteries, gum, energy drinks, and lip moisturizer usually sell well when they’re placed in point of purchase displays near cash registers. Retail merchandise seen on late-night infomercials tends to sell better there too. However, shoe strings do well on POP displays near shoe sections and pet treats and toys do well when placed in POP displays near pet supply sections. At times, even if shoppers don’t need those items, they still feel the impulse to buy them when they see them in point of purchase displays.

Essentially, impulse purchases account for thousands of dollars people spend on a daily basis. Knowing this, it only makes sense for retailers to use point of purchase displays to capitalize on this reality with shoppers.

You can use videos in a Point of Purchase Display

One of the greatest advantages retail stores have over online shopping is the engaging atmosphere they can provide. Even though people often appreciate the convenience of online shopping, they still sometimes want to see and feel the items they are thinking about buying while also experiencing the feelings they feel when shopping.

In addition to people watching and window shopping, consumers can enjoy POP displays with videos in them that show the value particular products and services offer. Using videos has become one of the best ways for retailers to engage and influence shoppers, and consumers often enjoy watching them when they’re out hoping to be entertained.

Increase sales with a Point of Purchase Display

In retail settings, shoppers are much more likely to stop and watch videos than they are to read words or pay much attention to motionless images. Studies show consumers believe videos are trustworthy in most cases, and they appreciate how thorough and amusing they can be in a short period of time.

Even without videos, POP displays are highly effective in retail settings. However, when videos are included, they stand a better chance of grabbing a shopper’s attention at just the right moment and motivating them to make a purchase.

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