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This is a MediaFast video brochure for Villa Maria.

Increase Your Company’s Perceived Value With A Video Brochure

Using a Video Brochure is an excellent way to increase your company’s perceived value. It will be far more interesting than almost all other forms of marketing, and the immediate impression it will make will likely lead to sales, bids being accepted, or donations being made to your charitable cause. For these reasons and many others, the return on investment it will produce is why so many successful companies are now using Video Brochures regularly.

Increase Your Company’s Perceived Value With A Video Brochure

If you work in business, you’re probably well aware of how influential videos have become. Consumers appreciate them being available when they’re making purchasing decisions. Executives seek them out when looking for ways to improve their companies, and they’re easy to distribute.

When distributed in Video Brochures like in the images below, the perceived value of companies who use them escalates to the point where the products, services, or opportunities they offer usually stick in the minds of their most likely customers. Then, because of how effective they are, recipients tend to respond to them fairly quickly to learn more or to make purchases.

Here is a list of benefits a Video Brochure will deliver:

  1. Messages delivered in Video Brochures are far more appealing and memorable than ones delivered in typical marketing pieces.
  2. Because they’re still considered to be novelty items, they get more attention than most other advertising and marketing materials.
  3. Decision-makers rarely ever set them aside like traditional product or service brochures.
  4. Executives usually can’t resist showing them around to other people who influence their decisions.
  5. Recipients tend to feel grateful after receiving them because someone thought highly enough of them to send such an impressive, cutting-edge marketing piece to their attention.
  6. They allow companies to maintain control over how their marketing messages are presented.
  7. Companies who use Video Brochures tend to enjoy shorter sales cycles.
  8. Using a Video Brochure creates an ideal reason for follow-up, which is often the key to success in sales.
  9. Instead of branding for FedEx, UPS or any other shipping company, a Video Brochure only displays branding for the company who sent it, making it even more impressive.
  10. The perceived value of companies who use Video Brochures escalates in the eyes of viewers.

Considering these benefits, it’s easy to see how Video Brochures provide companies with an excellent way to increase their perceived value.

Distributing A Video Brochure Is A Great Way To Engage Prospects

In business, videos often work like a magic ingredient in emails, online content, and Video Marketing Products. In addition to increasing open and response rates, they also help companies stand out from competitors. At the same time, consumers now expect videos to be available from companies who sell products, services, or opportunities they might be interested in purchasing.

With that in mind, videos are now only second to in-person visits as a way to grab attention and communicate messages. To capitalize on this, using a Video Brochure is a highly effective way for companies to get the right people to watch their videos. In fact, based on feedback we’ve received from our customers, Video Brochures have more than a 60% success rate at drawing a response from targeted prospects. And, when recipients don’t respond right away, they usually respond positively when senders call to follow-up (people are busy).

On top of all of that, since executives often search for videos to learn about ways to help their companies improve, salespeople who drop Video Brochures off for them effectively make their jobs easier. It’s a strategy that makes them more appealing than their competitors. It’s also another reason why return on investment with Video Brochures is outstanding.

At MediaFast, we know how to design, produce, and deliver a Video Brochure that will help increase the perceived value of your company. To begin the process of getting yours, or to get a FREE SAMPLE, contact us today.

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