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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for The Chicago School.

Introduce Testimonials With Video Brochures

There aren’t many better marketing tactics to promote products or services than using testimonials. Introducing them with video brochures can make them even more effective, and potential customers often appreciate seeing them when they are in the process of making purchasing decisions.

Furthermore, third-party endorsements, like video testimonials, are a great way for companies to achieve marketing goals and retain current customers while they work to find new ones.

Testimonial videos build trust while presenting information

When it comes to building trust while presenting information about products or services, testimonial videos are excellent.

Throughout the buying process, consumers tend to value more of what other people say than what they read or hear from the company trying to sell to them. Because of this, a short testimonial video with a real person in front of a camera telling others how a product or service performed for them is usually much appreciated.

Then, after hearing first-hand experiences from others who actually used the particular product or service, the decision-making stage of a buyer’s journey often feels easier. Likewise, testimonial videos sometimes provide the motivation necessary to help decision-makers make their final choices.

How to create effective testimonial videos

The following suggestions should help video makers create engaging, trustworthy and memorable third-party endorsements.

  1. Use real people. Real people in videos make testimonials more credible, interesting, and relative.
  2. Share testimonials in context. Allowing viewers to know a little about the person giving the testimonial usually helps viewers relate to them better.
  3. Prepare questions ahead of time. Many people are happy to give testimonials, but the act goes much better if the people making the video have relevant questions prepared ahead of time.
  4. Share questions with those who will give testimonials ahead of time. This should help them feel prepared, less nervous, and optimize everyone’s time.
  5. Plan background scenery. Background elements affect videos. By scouting and finding an optimal setting, testimonial videos can become even more effective.
  6. Allow people giving testimonials to elaborate. The more genuine they sound, the better. Also, body language is half or more of what is heard in communication. The best testimonials are presented naturally and are not rushed.
  7. Reference pain points that can be relieved. Consumers naturally think of what they have to gain for themselves as they consider buying products and services. Hearing about challenges and/or pain points from other people similar to the ones they face can be highly influential.
  8. Make necessary edits. Usually 15 to 30 second testimonial videos are most effective. Without changing the context or truthfulness or what a testimonial giver says, be sure to make edits to keep messages on point and concise.

By following these suggestions, testimonial videos will be given their best chance to help companies achieve marketing goals and encourage prospects to buy from them.

Get the best video brochures from MediaFast

Video brochures from MediaFast are reliable, fully guaranteed, and not over-priced. We only use brand new, Grade A components in all of our marketing products to ensure the best quality, and customer satisfaction is our highest priority.

For many years, video brochures have generated outstanding ROI for companies who use them. They aren’t cheap, but they have a tendency to pay for themselves very quickly.

At MediaFast, we know when to cut corners to save time or money for our customers and when not to cut corners for the sake of quality. We think of our customers as partners, and we value our integrity and their happiness above all.

For companies who want the best value when purchasing video brochures, choosing to get them from MediaFast is the best decision.

To learn more about video brochures or our other marketing products, contact us today.

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