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This is a MediaFast video brochure for Tower Industries.

Job Bids In Video Brochures Produce Better Results Than Emails

Presenting job bids in Video Brochures is definitely a better strategy than sending them in emails. Many of our customers have told us that. It’s also a better strategy than presenting them in pamphlets, printed brochures, binders or folders. Sometimes it’s even better than presenting them in-person.

With that said, for companies who rely on bids to win jobs, presenting them in Video Brochures is an excellent strategy. In addition to helping them look more modern, impressive, and efficient, they also stand out from competitors.

Videos Are More Influential Than Emails Or Printed Text

Videos have the ability to do several things that written text and motionless images cannot. For example, the combination of real people with sound and motion creates a genuine connection between viewers and presenters.

Also, demonstrations are easier to trust in videos because people find it easier to believe what they see more than what they only read or hear. At the same time, videos can say and show more details in less time.

Another great advantage videos provide is that they tell stories better. Most people in sales are familiar with the phrase “Facts tell, stories sell.” Effectively, videos bring products, services, and concepts to life in a way that gives prospective users a better understanding of how they perform along with the benefits they could enjoy from using them. Then trust escalates, more sales happen, and less buyer’s remorse occurs.

With all of that said, videos have to be watched by the right people to make the greatest impact. Video Brochures are excellent for that purpose because they’re normally given to targeted prospects. Then, from the feedback we’ve received, recipients rarely ever set them aside. Instead, they watch them and then can’t resist showing them to others who influence their decisions. As a result, the return on investment they produce is outstanding.

Testimonial About The Effectiveness Of Video Brochures

Below are quotes shared with us from Scott Williams, Marketing Manager for Flex Flow. They came from executives who received product samples along with Video Brochures from him.

  • “The video brochure was so well done that after watching the video I felt compelled to call to find out more about your company. To be honest without the video brochure I would have never called.” Tony Orlando, FL (President)
  • “I received your sample with the video insert and I must say we were very impressed with your sample box. I never even knew that this type of marketing existed. We would be very interested in speaking with your marketing team/manager that designed and produced this sample as it was very impressive.” Joe Harrisburg, PA (President)
  • “Wow! That is one of the coolest things we have ever received. I showed it to everyone in the office. The video really did a great job of conveying your message. We checked out your website from the insert card in your sample and want to know more about your custom design shop and to get pricing for dealers.” Peter Fresno, CA (Vice President)

Scott also said, “It was a little scary to make the commitment as this was a large expense for a small company (25 employees), but we are so glad that we took the leap to do a video brochure with MediaFast as the ROI from the launch has far exceeded our expectations.”

Enjoy Excellent Return On Investment With Video Brochures

What makes Video Brochures extraordinary is they combine the power of video with the best of print, the power of tangibility, and the value of novelty. All the while, they do it in one powerful, impressive package. Also, they’re efficient, and video content is more appealing to most people.

On top of that, people still love to touch and feel attractive print marketing products. They may not read every word (most people are skimmers), but attractiveness and tangibility definitely increase the number of times people pay attention to them. Then, when video content is included like in Video Brochures, they perform even better.

For these reasons and others, return on investment with Video Brochures is outstanding. To purchase some so your company can present job bids in them, or to get a FREE sample, contact us today.

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