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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for Central Michigan University.

Land Targeted Prospects With Video Brochures

To gain the favor of targeted prospects, video brochures are almost impossible to beat. They’re captivating, entertaining, and time-saving. They’re also great for sharing an impressive picture of a great opportunity as well as peaking the interest of highly qualified candidates.

Recruiting is a lot like sales

In many ways, recruiting is a lot like sales. When videos are used in sales, over 50% of people who watch a video about something they are thinking of buying share it with other decision-makers. Also, 64% of viewers are more likely to buy a product or service after watching a video about it.

In recruiting, a similar process occurs. Prospects are often considering other opportunities, and they usually have other people helping them make their decisions. Companies who use video brochures to recruit give themselves a huge advantage because they help ensure their opportunity gets viewed firsthand by the prospect as well as those who are most influential in their lives. That alone can be a real game-changer.

Another advantage video brochures create is they make it easier for recruiters to get follow-up meetings with recruits. Video brochures have to be picked back up (that’s optional, but most companies recoup them from recipients), and the more times emotional connections are made between people, companies, and opportunities, the more comfortable they usually become with each other. Then relationships develop and bonds form.

Video brochures impress recruits

Videos seem to have taken the world by storm. People love them, and recruiters who use them have been reaping great benefits for several years now.

One great feature of video brochures is the video content on them can be customized. What this means is videos can be customized for each recruit, and the reward for impressing them in that way can be substantial. To learn more about how quick and easy it is to change the content on a video brochure, click this link: How To Change Content On A Video Brochure.

By recruiting with video brochures, companies give their prospects a chance to see and hear what they have to offer in a convenient, modern, and impressive way. They’re exceptional for promoting brands and showcasing opportunities, and they’re great for providing general information about companies or relaying information for training and educational purposes as well.

Also, because they’re so novel, they’re hard not to watch over and over again.

To put it simply, there aren’t many better ways to impress targeted prospects than by using video brochures to recruit them.

Video brochures make recruiting easier

For anyone wondering how to make recruiting easier, video brochures are the answer.

Video content increases engagement and stirs emotions while at the same time communicating and energizing messages to make them more effective. In fact, when companies use videos as the focus of their content marketing strategy, they increase the likelihood of purchases by up to 85%. Similar results are found in recruiting.

Video brochures are exactly the cutting edge tools needed to give a company an edge over its competitors, and they can easily be distributed to targeted recipients by hand, mail, displayed at trade shows, shared in meetings, or left with representatives to give to decision makers.

Also, they are packaged in a way similar to traditional brochures with space for logos, QR codes, images, and other branding. They have room for printed testimonials and other advertising content as well.

Furthermore, as a way for a company to substantially improve its recruiting processes, video brochures are very affordable. They can normally be purchased for between $20 and $65 per unit from MediaFast, and that makes them an excellent investment for the cutting-edge benefits they provide.

To learn more about video brochures and how they can help your company land targeted prospects, contact us today.

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