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This is a MediaFast video brochure for the NHL—National Hockey League.

Launch New Products With Video Brochures

Video marketing products like video brochures have changed the way new products and services are launched. Cutting-edge technology has made it possible for companies to experience greater success during launches, and the wisest ones are using new age video marketing products to keep the attention of their most likely customers.

How Companies Successfully Launch New Products

1) They define their message with focus on their product’s purpose in video

People usually make buying decisions based on what a product or service can do for them. Companies enjoy the most success when they maintain focus on how their product or service will help their most likely customers.

Successful companies realize their videos are one of the most critical elements to a successful launch. With their videos and video brochures, they ensure they articulate how their most likely customers will benefit from using what they have to offer, and they always have a call to action. They understand they really only have one chance to get it right and they don’t want a sub-standard video or video brochure reflecting poorly on what they have to offer. Confused or disinterested buyers usually don’t make purchases.

2) They have a marketing plan

The most successful product launches are performed by companies who don’t wait for their product or service to be completely finished before they brainstorm, research and plan the product launch. Also, they start working on their videos early in the process and allow several weeks for their video brochures to arrive before their launch date.

3) They measure the results of their launch

With research, companies who perform the best launches learn what a successful launch is like prior to performing one and how to measure its success.

Many sources have noted there is an 80% increase in the chance of closing a sale when there are five follow up conversations after the initial meeting. Successful companies know their launch is just the beginning.

Surprisingly, many companies don’t keep record of what happens during their launches along with what happens afterwards. Asking those in attendance for their opinions in the following days is a perfect way to follow up and create relationships. Furthermore, follow up conversations sometimes open doors that may otherwise have never been opened, and people respect companies who track their results.

4) They find ways to keep the momentum going

The most successful companies understand a product launch is only the beginning to long-term success. Unlike other marketing efforts, product and service launches need to create a “WOW” factor and make an unforgettable impression to be the most successful.

With videos and video brochures, companies can ensure they remain on the minds of their most likely customers as well as prevent others from hearing about what they have to offer in a second-hand manner. Through the power of video, they can engage viewers and impress them in the same way as a TV commercial.

Additionally, with videos and video brochures, they can reach more people more often.

Videos and video brochures are a great package

Videos and video brochures are producing great ROI for highly successful companies around the world. Two reasons are because the latest technology has made them affordable and because most people in today’s world have grown accustomed to videos. Truthfully, companies are practically expected to have them.

Furthermore, salespeople love videos and video brochures, marketing departments enjoy making them, and recipients appreciate viewing them.

Video brochures are ideal for product launches

Whether your company is launching a new product or service, video brochures will help ensure your prospective clients are impressed.

Video brochures are ideal for selling products or services, increasing exposure, raising awareness, sharing testimonials, fundraising, training, motivating, recruiting, teaching, and branding.

To learn more about video brochures or our other video marketing products, contact us today.

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