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Let Your Video Do The Selling

People love videos, and because of it, the best sales strategy for your company might be to let your video do the selling.

Videos combine images with sound and motion to engage more senses, which helps them feel more exciting, and they work great in sales. To test this, if you ask around, most people will probably say they would much rather watch a short video about a product or service than look at motionless images or read text about it.

For viewers, videos feel like less work. They also peak interest and engage more senses to make content easier to follow. On top of that, they make messages more memorable, which can be a huge difference-maker for a sales strategy, and they have the ability to present more information in less time.

When companies use short videos to present pages worth of product information, how-to instructions, product demonstrations, and interesting promotional information about themselves, people are usually much happier while learning that information. As a benefit, they feel more user-friendly to their most likely customers, and their prospects are usually more receptive to their messages and calls to action.

Best Practices for Planning and Making a Sales Video

  1. Determine your Call-To-Action. Once you’ve chosen to spend the time and money it takes to make a sales video, its key to success may most likely be determined by its Call-To-Action. Be sure to educate your team on what characteristics create a successful Call-To-Action and incorporate them into your video.
  2. Focus on your target audience. People make purchasing decisions based on how a product, service or opportunity will benefit them. Similarly, sales pitches are usually much more effective if they focus on the needs and best interests of potential customers. While a company’s background and its core values may be admiral, sales pitches are usually much more effective when they focus less on that and more on how a product, service or opportunity can help its most likely customers. Also, research indicates that it’s best to keep videos between 20 and 60 seconds. If you have more to say, make another video or direct them to another source to get more information.
  3. Set goals to evaluate performance. Goals are important because they provide a target. Hitting a target usually increases moral and means desired results were produced. For example, having a goal for how many people per week watch a sales video and then successfully hitting that target could result in huge revenue. Once the time and money is spent to produce a video, consistent focus on its number of views should be a priority.
  4. Determine how you will distribute your video. While your video will probably be put on your website, unless it gets plenty of traffic from your most likely customers, your sales video may not get enough views there to produce much. Videos in Point of Purchase Displays (POP Displays) are highly effective in retail locations, and videos in emails usually improve open and response rates. Video Brochures, Video Mailers, and videos in sample and gift boxes (Video Boxes) are highly effective as well. These video marketing products work extremely well when given to targeted prospects, and they help ensure the “right” people watch videos produced with people like them in mind.

Let Your Video Do The Selling

Videos have proven to work extremely well in sales. The combination of images with sound and motion in videos has a powerful effect on viewers, and they seem to provide an unbeatable way for companies to present their sales pitches to consumers. As long as they get watched often enough by ideal prospects, ROI with sales videos is usually excellent.

Over the past several years, companies have learned that consumers respond well to videos. When they let their video do the selling, they often make more sales faster because of it. In addition, videos presented in video marketing products to targeted prospects tend to produce even better results.

To learn more about video marketing or any of the video marketing products we offer, contact us today.

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