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Mailing Your Marketing Videos In Video Mailers Is A Brilliant Idea

If you’re a marketer who understands the power of videos, have you thought about mailing your marketing videos to your target audience? Seriously, using Video Mailers to get them in their hands is a genius idea. Recipients don’t ignore them. In fact, they even share them with others who influence their decisions. They also shorten sales cycles, and marketers who use them look brilliant.

Understanding The Power Of Videos

If you truly want to connect with your target audience, videos will make it happen. While you could publish a blog post or share photos on social media, which are still fairly effective, there is nothing more impactful than videos. Why? Because they allow consumers to see inside your operation, get a feel for your products and/or services, and feel a presence with you.

In other words, videos are a great way to feel confident that you are connecting with your most-likely-customers and that you have their attention and curiosity.

Furthermore, to attract consumers to your company, you need to create content that will delight, intrigue and engage them with your brand. Creating loyal brand followers requires developing a relationship built on trust, which videos increase, and also making your brand one your customers can count on to satisfy their needs.

Reasons For Using Videos

Every person who learns something new learns by watching, listening or experiencing something — or a combination of all three — which uniquely, video content can provide.

Videos are ideal for making real connections. They’re one form of media that enables companies to form meaningful connections with their target audience. And, by using them, those connections are formed in an engaging way.

They’re also ideal for sharing real-life experiences. For example, many companies harness the power of videos by sharing video testimonials. In addition to being informative, they also create a real-life connection since usually the people in them are real customers and not paid actors.

On top of that, videos have the ability to give behind-the-scenes tours of your facilities and show viewers how a product is made or a service is provided. Effectively, sharing your “secrets” is a great way to win over new customers time and time again.

What Mailing Your Marketing Videos Will Look Like

Before sharing reasons for mailing marketing videos, here is a video showing Video Mailers in action in case you aren’t familiar with them.

Reasons For Mailing Your Marketing Videos

Now that we’ve reviewed the power of videos and reasons for using them, here are ways companies have enjoyed great success mailing them in Video Mailers.

Selling: Video Mailers are perfect for sales because they get videos directly into the hands of a company’s most-likely-customers. They also increase perceived value and trust. Likewise, they attract the attention of decision-makers, and by doing so, they shorten sales cycles.

Marketing: When sent to targeted prospects, Video Mailers are practically as effective as TV commercials… But they’re much less expensive.

Capitalizing on referrals: Emails, phone calls, and face-to-face visits are good ways to stay in touch with current customers. However, since some have the ability to give you excellent referrals, Video Mailers provide a more impressive way to actually engage them. Then doors get opened that otherwise might have never been opened, and more sales can result from it.

Launching new products, services, and opportunities: Using videos is an excellent way to introduce new products, services, and opportunities to the marketplace. Why? Because people prefer watching them over looking at motionless content, and they’re efficient in that they say and show more in less time.

Recruiting: Finding effective ways to engage recruits can be challenging. Fortunately, Video Mailers overcome that challenge… And since they still feel like novelty items, they actually make recruiters more memorable.

Fundraising: Videos have proven to enhance storytelling and connect emotionally with viewers. At the same time, people feel inspired to give when they feel connected to a cause. To capitalize on that reality, Video Mailers provide an ideal platform for storytelling.

Get The Best Video Mailers From MediaFast

Considering how many marketing messages consumers get targeted with on a daily basis, your company would benefit greatly from yours standing out from the rest. Fortunately, Video Mailers are superb for making that happen.

Targeted prospects appreciate receiving them. Salespeople perform better with them. Marketing teams enjoy producing them, and they’re easy for decision-makers to share with others who influence their decisions.

With that said, we’ve helped hundreds of companies do great marketing for over 30 years. We’re a leader in our industry. We offer complete design and creative services. Plus, customer satisfaction is our highest priority, and we don’t “nickel and dime” with our prices.

At the same time, to ensure the best quality, we only use brand new, Grade A components in all of our products… and we include a full one year warranty.

After reading this, if you’d like to purchase Video Mailers so your company can benefit from mailing your marketing videos, or to get a FREE SAMPLE, contact us today.

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