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Make More Sales With A Digital POP Display

Using a POP Display is a proven way to make more sales. There is a reason why open boxes of candy and magazine racks are usually located near checkout stations. Products being displayed to consumers when they already have the mind set to spend money is a powerful way to increase sales.

By including videos in POP Displays, MediaFast makes them even more effective for retailers.

A POP Display stimulates impulse buying

Impulse buying is at an all-time high, and a POP Display can stimulate it even in the most frugal spenders.

The point of purchase is often where consumers are reminded of items they need, such as batteries, gum, or moisturizer for lips or hands. It is also where consumers are presented with temptations to help them decide they want treats to eat, gift cards, or celebrity gossip magazines.

A digital POP Display is like an excellent salesperson

It’s safe to assume many of us have encountered a salesperson who got us to buy something we weren’t planning to buy. They either showed us something we weren’t considering, reminded us of something we wanted, or upsold us. Good salespeople have a way of getting consumers to spend money, and a POP Display tends to do the same thing.

In retail, marketers have learned that POP Displays located throughout their stores can also be highly effective. If they can get the attention of consumers near their products, they can take advantage of a prime opportunity to influence their buying decisions.

With a video included, the effectiveness of a POP Display skyrockets. Videos have proven to significantly increase attraction and engage more senses. Research has revealed humans remember up to 65% more when audio and visual are combined in a message. Also, in today’s digital world, people are somewhat addicted to videos.

In retail settings, videos can help keep shoppers in stores. Videos that are entertaining and/or informative often make sales themselves, and consumers feel comfortable around them. Also, they liven up store settings and make retail locations feel more modern.

A POP Display helps a product stand out

A well done POP Display will attract attention from consumers. Catch phrases, logos, attractive images, and differentiating colors and shapes help a product stand out. Remember the POP Displays for Polaroid Cameras? Those got my parents often when I was a kid. In today’s markets, POP Displays for energy drinks, beer, and make-up items seem to be some of the most popular. Imagine how often a video included in those would get watched, thus further increasing sales.

Mannequins are another type of POP Display that help particular items sell more than others. When shopping amidst racks upon racks of clothes, mannequins dressed in particular attire help consumers make selections or quickly find what they are looking for when they aren’t exactly sure where to look. Videos have a similar effect in that people’s attention is drawn to them, and they help products get recognized.

Additionally, a POP Display will prompt a shopper to purchase one item over another similar to it when they are both sold in the same area. Product packaging is designed to help sell, but when a product is presented in a display helping it stand out, that often makes the difference in which product consumers choose. Customers of MediaFast have found the results only get better when a video is added to a POP Display.

Get the best POP Display from MediaFast

MediaFast has designed and produced Point of Purchase Displays that have helped retailers sell hundreds of products and services for over a decade. To ensure the best quality, we only use brand new, grade A components. Also, our experience and knowledge make us a perfect partner for marketing success.

We fully understand how a well designed POP Display will attract consumers to one product over another. Winning that competition at the opportune moment is extremely valuable, and we know how to make POP Displays more attractive and effective in the eyes of consumers.

Contact us today to see how we can help you with a digital POP Display so your products or services will sell more!

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