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This is a MediaFast video brochure for S Synergy.

Make Sales Easier in 2019 with Video Brochures

With 2019 quickly approaching, companies who use video brochures in sales will continue to enjoy great advantages. Most importantly, ROI with them is outstanding (click here to learn more: Get The Best ROI From Video Brochures). Also, in the digital age we live in, videos increase the chances of messages being heard and provide arguably the most effective way to peak the interest of prospects.

Video brochures make salespeople better

While there are a lot of fairly good salespeople out there, one criticism about them is they sometimes act like walking product brochures. As well, many act like they are only out for commissions rather than being concerned with how much their company’s products or services will actually help their customers. Both are turn-offs, and most people would prefer to avoid salespeople altogether unless they initiate the conversations themselves.

On top of that, working in sales can often feel intimidating, rejecting, and demoralizing. Even if a salesperson is great at being friendly, personable, patient, honest, genuinely caring, and sells fantastic products or services at fair prices, staying motivated can be challenging because of how often they hear the word “no”. Furthermore, even if they excel at thinking long-term and keeping a balanced perspective, most salespeople would say the word they feel like they hear far more often than they’d like is “no”.

With those challenges in mind, one way proven to make sales more enjoyable for all parties is the use of video brochures. In addition to making a company’s messages more interesting, they help salespeople feel more relaxed, confident, and prepared. They also make it easier for them to reach decision-makers and get follow-up appointments. While there are other advantages, those two alone can make a huge difference in how well salespeople perform.

Video brochures improve sales trainings

Fortunately, companies have learned that traditional sales training is often not enough. There is great value in knowledge, and combined with experience, improved performance usually follows soon afterwards.

In traditional sales training, there is usually someone standing in a room in front of an audience somewhere. They write on white marker boards, pass out pamphlets or folders detailing important points, review scenarios and techniques, and then everyone leaves feeling enthusiastic and motivated to conquer the world (well, maybe not quite, but at least perform much better).

The problem is the enthusiastic, motivated mindset often doesn’t last very long. People either forget some of the information they learned, don’t get enough practice during the training, or have a bad experience that causes them to revert back to feeling less enthusiastic and motivated. Working in sales can be tough that way.

However, using video brochures for training offers a solution. With them, training videos can be shared so salespeople and managers can review them as often as they’d like. Also, live trainings can be recorded and given to all in attendance so they can review what they experienced, thus making it easier to remember the information (click here to learn more: Video Brochures Are Ideal For Training).

MediaFast video brochures make companies unforgettable

Companies who know how to make themselves unforgettable usually enjoy great financial success. Not only do MediaFast video brochures help companies make more sales, but they also help make them unforgettable.

For our customers, we offer extensive experience with excellent resources to produce the best video brochures available. We only use brand new, Grade A components to ensure the best quality, and we offer a full warranty on all of the marketing products we sell. On top of that, customer satisfaction is our highest priority, and we have many happy customers because of it.

To learn more about video brochures or any of the other marketing products we offer, contact us today.

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