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This is a MediaFast video brochure for vLink Solutions.

Make Sales Easier With Video Brochures

Among salespeople, a common question regularly asked is “How can sales be easier?” There are many variables to answer this, but one certain answer is “By using video brochures”.

Based on feedback from customers and our own experience, video brochures make working in sales much easier for a lot of reasons.

With video brochures, you can “Sell Without Selling”

To sell without selling is referred to as passive marketing. It’s a highly effective relaxed strategy, and video brochures are perfect for it.

When making video brochures, companies can control their messages so they get presented at their best. The effects of salespeople and second-hand comments from others are diminished, and decision-makers who view them usually appreciate the efforts made by companies to reach them.

With packaging, images, videos and phrases to ensure their prospects see them exactly how they choose, they give companies a way to present themselves exactly how they think best.

They also provide an impressive piece of technology for prospects to touch and feel, which tends to increase perceived value. Video brochures also help recipients receive a company’s messages in a way they won’t easily forget. Then, when they’re ready to buy products or services sold by companies whose video brochures they’ve seen, they’re more likely to remember those companies and reach out to them. By itself, that accomplishes the main goal of marketing.

With video brochures, as long as a salesperson can find a potential customer who knows they need what the company is selling, a low pressure sales approach can be used. Often, that can be done without intimidation or high pressure.

Also, video brochures regularly shorten time frames during sales cycles because decision-makers usually share them and they often motivate potential buyers to make purchases without having to be sold any longer.

With video brochures, you can leave, retrieve, and close deals

In a classy way, video brochures can be handed to targeted recipients, sent by mail, displayed at trade shows, shared in meetings and/or left with representatives to give to decision-makers.

They are packaged in a way similar to traditional brochures with space for logos, QR codes, images, and other company branding, and there is room for printed testimonials, awards, and other advertising content.

The greatest benefit of video brochures is that when they are opened, a video comes to life. For a viewer, it practically feels like they are holding a TV commercial. The impact is captivating and often leaves them entertained and impressed.

What’s more, the presentation further instills a brand in their memory and it makes it much easier for salespeople to get a follow up appointment, thus creating another chance to close a deal.

For anyone in sales looking for a way to make their job easier, video brochures might be unbeatable.

With video brochures, there are benefits for all parties

For salespeople, video brochures make working in sales less intimidating. They help them feel more confident and relaxed, and they also enable them to talk less and listen more (which most customers really appreciate). Effectively, video brochures allow salespeople to operate almost like consultants.

For prospective buyers, they usually appreciate the convenience and low pressure video brochures introduce to the sales process. They also appreciate the modern technology, and video brochures make it easier for them to share information with other decision-makers.

With video brochures, there are benefits for all parties.

Video brochures perform much like awesome salespeople

Video brochures in many ways fulfill the same roles as salespeople. Marketing decisions often determine how successful companies become, and in today’s world where videos seem to be utilized more and more for many different purposes, sharing video brochures with potential customers can help a company maintain an edge over competitors.

Essentially, videos have become the most affordable and effective way for marketers and salespeople to engage prospects. With them, salespeople are made better and customers respond more favorably due to the power of video marketing.

MediaFast video brochures make working in sales easier

If you are interested in using video brochures for sales, we’d love to talk with you. We’ve helped many companies boost sales with video brochures, and we can do the same for your company.

To learn more about video brochures or our other marketing products, contact us today.

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