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This is a MediaBuk video brochure.

Make Sales Faster With MediaBuk Video Brochures

MediaBük video brochures combine print and video, which are both highly effective ways to sell, in a customizable package that is more affordable than regular video brochures.

For companies of all sizes, they can help increase brand awareness, improve conversion rates, and make it possible for them to capitalize on the massive ROI being produced by video brochures.

MediaBuk video brochures are excellent in sales

A video brochure is similar to a traditional printed brochure in that it has plenty of space for logos, QR codes, images, and other company branding. There is also room to share testimonials, awards, or other advertising content. However, when opened, instead of only showing more printed content, a video comes to life on an LCD screen.

The impact of such cutting-edge technology in a hand held device is captivating, especially for someone who has never experienced a video brochure before, and they are making millions for companies using them for sales around the world.

However, the problem with video brochures is that they aren’t very affordable for companies with smaller marketing budgets. The price per unit is just too high unless they are ordered in large quantities, and smaller companies usually don’t need very many.

Also, another problem with video brochures for some companies is that it takes at least two weeks to receive them after they’re ordered because they come from China, and sometimes opportunities don’t remain available that long.

As a way to offset those two problems, MediaFast created MediaBük video brochures.

MediaBük video brochures are customized after they are received, which enables them to cost less, and since they’re shipped from within the United States, they arrive sooner. They can be ordered in any quantity for the same low price per unit, and they’re quickly becoming extremely popular in the marketing world.

By presenting messages in video, MediaBük video brochures make it easier for viewers to receive and remember what they’re being pitched.

Simply stated, MediaBük video brochures are modern sales tools used to captivate and entertain potential customers, and feedback indicates they have become excellent in sales.

MediaBuk video brochures offer outstanding versatility

In addition to being excellent for sales, MediaBük video brochures are great for other purposes in business and personal use as well.

They can be handed to targeted recipients, sent by mail, displayed on counters or tables, shared at family get-togethers or in meetings, and given to practically anyone who would benefit from seeing a specific video for any of the following reasons:

  1. Weddings
  2. Graduations
  3. Funerals
  4. Special Moments
  5. Portfolios
  6. Business Cards
  7. Sales
  8. Giving Bids
  9. Fundraising
  10. Sharing Testimonials
  11. Motivating
  12. Training
  13. Recruiting
  14. Branding
  15. Marketing

With such versatility, MediaBük video brochures offer an attractive alternative for many different purposes in business and everyday life.

MediaBuk video brochures are wise investments

Videos are dynamic, versatile, and definitely speed up sales cycles. They also make messages more entertaining for viewers and are hard to ignore when playing.

Regardless of what is being sold, videos are often the next best thing to providing a first hand experience, which isn’t always an option.

In general, videos save time, help alleviate inconveniences, and even make sales themselves sometimes.

People everywhere are enticed by them and believe companies who use videos to deliver messages know better how to connect with them.

For salespeople, having state-of-the-art sales tools like MediaBük video brochures can often help them feel more confident and relaxed. In fact, having state-of-the-art sales tools can often make them better at their jobs, and that alone can produce great benefits for the companies who employ their services.

Contact us to get your MediaBuk video brochures today

For the money, MediaBuk video brochures make by MediaFast are often more cost effective to produce and distribute than other sales tools and popular forms of marketing.

To learn more about how MediaBük video brochures can make selling easier for your company, contact us today.

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