Making Sense of Direct Mail Marketing

Social media can accomplish a lot as a marketing medium, but nothing encompasses all five senses the way that direct mail marketing does. Here are a few reasons it won’t be going out of style anytime soon.


All direct mail marketing fliers from the beginning of time have been seen, but the development of design in recent years has been able to grab and keep the attention of the target market more than ever before.


The combination of sight and sound is the reason commercials are more preferable to either print or radio ads. Now you can add sound to your direct mail fliers to make them that much more memorable. Songs and jingles transport the mind through time; why shouldn’t your fliers do the same?


Without even realizing it, potential customers can be affected by smell and almost subliminally encouraged to try out a new product or service. It’s the most powerful of the 5 senses, and new technology has provided it as an option for direct mail marketing fliers. If nothing else, it can give your target market a positive feeling and opinion towards you.


You don’t have to settle for the same old card stock that regular direct mail fliers are printed on. Involve your audience by printing it on dye cuts, irregular shapes, aluminum, or having it embossed. Texture can make more of an impression than you might think.


Send mini candies or free samples with your direct mail marketing (with secure packaging) for a new twist that is sure to get anyone’s attention.


Think outside of the box before you get your next direct mail marketing flier printed and see the difference it makes.