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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for First Tryon Advisors.

Marketers Do Some Of Their Best Work With Video Mailers

Marketing is a key component in business, and marketers do some of their best work with Video Mailers. These cutting-edge Video Marketing Products are attention-grabbing. They’re also efficient, shareable, and highly effective. They’re modern style is impressive, and because they capitalize on the power of videos, recipients actually enjoy receiving them.

The Work Of A Marketer

There’s a lot to love about being a marketer in the digital age we live in. It’s a profession that is getting more creative and technical at the same time. A marketer can start with a cool idea, use their phone or a small video camera to make a video about it, and then share it with the world — all without leaving their office.

They get paid to brainstorm, write, create, publicize, and build relationships. If they do good work, they can have fun and genuinely help companies and consumers at the same time. Not that it’s a stress-free job or that every day working at it is a party. But it’s fun and exciting, and the massive contribution it makes to a company’s bottom line makes it very fulfilling work.

With that said, marketers are constantly on the lookout for concepts and ideas that will make them look brilliant. When those concepts and ideas produce high ROI, they look even better than brilliant… if that’s possible.

In a nutshell, their job is to present meaningful stories they either create or dig up from day-to-day life. There’s all sorts or meaning and emotion in what they do, and their work matters.

They make companies and their messages discoverable, sharable, and memorable. In some ways, they help them evolve and innovate their relationships with their most-likely-customers. All the while, each company is unique. They have different goals, and they rely on their marketers to use their resources, knowledge and skills to make an impact that produces profitable results.

Ways Marketers Do Their Best Work With Video Mailers

As stated previously, every company is unique. Some rely on their marketers to boost sales of products and services. Some rely on them to recruit students, players, and working professionals. Others rely on them to present opportunities or requests for donations.

In any case, here is a list of ways we’ve seen marketers use Video Mailers that produced highly effective results:

  • Selling: Video Mailers are perfect for sales because they capture attention. They increase the perceived value of companies along with the products and services they sell, and they capitalize on videos to highlight them efficiently.
  • Marketing: Video Mailers can be practically as good as TV commercials when sent to targeted prospects, but they’re much less expensive.
  • Capitalizing on referrals: Emails, phone calls, and face-to-face visits are good ways to stay in touch with a customer base, and Video Mailers provide an excellent way to capitalize on referrals that come from them. When sent prior to meeting someone new, they create familiarity. What results is that they’re often more open and receptive than what they’d normally be to strangers, and relationships develop quicker because of it.
  • Launching new products, services and opportunities: Videos are excellent for introducing new products, services and opportunities. Handily, Video Mailers are highly effective at getting targeted prospects to watch them. In addition, they’re far more effective than traditional marketing media and motionless content.
  • Recruiting: Finding ways to successfully engage top recruits can be challenging. The competition to win their attention can be fierce. However, Video Mailers overcome the typical communication challenges that occur in recruiting and help companies who use them outperform their competitors.
  • Fundraising: People feel inspired to give when they feel connected to a cause. Videos enhance storytelling and connect emotionally with viewers. As a result, Video Mailers provide an ideal platform for fundraising.
  • Training: Businesses often need to train groups of people but sometimes find it inconvenient to get all of them together. To avoid travel expenses and lost time, Video Mailers provide an excellent solution.

Video Mailers In Action

In case you aren’t familiar with these video enabled marketing products, here is a video showing some in action. After watching this, hopefully you’ll understand how marketers do some of their best work with Video Mailers.

Case Study: Grow Team

Grow Team is a marketing quality assurance and contracting agency. They help companies find online marketing and SEO agencies, grow their businesses, and keep their vendors accountable.

With the largest national buyers group of its kind, they negotiate the best service terms and prices possible. On average, their clients save 20% over what they could negotiate on their own. They’ve also standardized the contracting process to make it simple and consistent so their customers can be confident they’re getting the best terms.

Regarding their marketing, before working with MediaFast, their team was engaging thousands of prospects monthly with a personalized letter and an information booklet.

Wanting to try something new with the hopes of better results, they collaborated with MediaFast in 2015 to incorporate Video Mailers into their marketing campaigns. As they’d hoped, their results drastically improved.

As they’ve continued to use Video Mailers, response rates have continued to be high, and now they mail thousands of units each month because the return on investment they produce is fantastic.

Get The Best Video Mailers From MediaFast

At MediaFast, we understand the impact marketing has on how much revenue companies receive. In some cases, the choices they make pertaining to it can actually make or break them.

With that said, we know what it takes to get highly effective Video Marketing Products printed, manufactured, and distributed on time. We also know how to make them profitable. And, to ensure the best quality and reliability, we only use brand new, Grade A components. Plus we include a full warranty.

In all honesty, we can’t recommend a strategy more than using Video Mailers as a way for companies to engage their most likely customers, especially ones who are hard to reach. They’re impressive, attention-grabbing, and ROI with them is outstanding.

After reading this, if you’re a marketer who’d like to do some of your best work with Video Mailers, or to get a FREE SAMPLE, contact us today.

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