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Marketing In Fast-Paced Modern Business

Doesn’t modern business run at a faster pace? I remember a few decades ago before the internet and cell phones when things just took longer…not only to plan and coordinate, but also to update and communicate results.

Now a text or cell phone call, email, Skype, Zoom, or Teams meeting is lightning fast, especially when compared to multiple phone calls from a land-line like we used to have to make.

And remember when we thought fax machines and pagers were awesome? But now we can even share computer screens with hundreds and thousands of people…at the same time!

Likewise, a traditional handshake is now a digital dance where connections are forged and agreements are made. And often the people involved never even meet each other in person. What an enormous change…but significantly more convenient, right?

With that said, your transition into modern strategies as a marketer can not only be considered an asset, but also a strategic advantage. It can propel your company to new heights financially, and skyrocket your accomplishments.

Capitalizing On Videos

It’s no secret that videos are powerful. Whether they’re for entertainment, education, or exposure in modern business, people nowadays consume them like they’re candy on Halloween.

More specifically, when it comes to business, they have a way of benefiting companies more than any other type of marketing they’ve ever done.

So, what allows companies to maximize how much they capitalize on them? Easily, it’s whether or not their target audience actually watches theirs.

Conveniently, that’s exactly what video brochures were created to do. And by design, they do it super well.

In a nutshell, video brochures combine digital technology with traditional print advertising to engage recipients in ways traditional forms of advertising and marketing simply cannot. They’re also not like salespeople who get ignored. Nor are they like phone calls that get disregarded in voicemail, or emails that land in spam folders. Nor are they like pay-per-click (PPC) ads that get clicked on frequently by unqualified prospects, essentially wasting money.

Instead, they’re like hand-held TV commercials targeted prospects see, touch, hear, and remember. Also, unlike motionless content made up of words and images, recipients often share them with others who influence their decisions.

Having said that, I’m asking you this: Which would you prefer when learning about a product, service, or opportunity? A video that explains it efficiently coupled with a bit of printed content, or motionless images with oodles of text you have to read and think about?

That’s rhetorical of course, but if you’re like most people, you’d choose the video without hesitation. Then, the more interested you feel, the more likely you are to respond to whoever sent it to you, or do research that might require extensive reading. However, if you can find more videos, all the better. Right?

Examples of Video Brochures

To highlight video brochures, here’s a short clip showing some we’ve created for clients. To see other examples, please visit MediaFast Video Brochures Gallery.

Adapt To Fast-Paced Modern Business

Progress is usually considered positive, and being able to adapt to change often leads to good things.

That said, here are some interesting tidbits about resisting change.

  • According to, there are still over 9,260 elevator operators employed in the United States. This position was created decades ago when elevators first began to be used, and the purpose of these tens of thousands of professionals was mostly to reduce the fear people felt about getting stuck in an elevator without anyone around to help. However, with cell phones and advanced alarm systems, are these jobs still necessary? Cool that they still exist though.
  • According to several sources online, 40% of people never leave the zip code they were born in. Hard to believe, right? And true, while many have circumstances or limitations that reduce their chances, a lot of people probably continue to live where they were born due to a resistance to change.

While I could go on adding more, that’s not the point of this post.

The point is that business in today’s fast-paced world is conducted differently, and consumers respond differently to more modern types of advertising and marketing. Essentially, what used to work well simply doesn’t work nearly as well anymore.

What does work in modern business, however, is videos. And the key to success with them is getting your target audience to actually watch yours.

And if you’re thinking about sending them in emails, that’s not effective at all. Nor is sending unsolicited links to prospects. Why? Because they typically go straight into spam folders, or get deleted due to a fear of viruses.

Instead, sending your videos directly in new-age video marketing products that targeted prospects can hold, watch, read, and rewatch works extraordinarily well.

How To Make Videos Highly Impactful

Instead of giving you more to read, here’s a short video featuring Bill Diaz, VP of Sales for MediaFast.

In it, he explains how to maximize the impactfulness of videos, which can open doors for salespeople that might otherwise have never been opened and skyrocket revenue for companies.

Use Video Brochures To Succeed In Modern Business

Times have changed. People want videos, and practically everyone is a consumer. Don’t you agree?

With that in mind, if you aren’t already using videos to communicate within your organization and connect with your target audience, it’s time you should. In fact, that’s a no-brainer.

Without a doubt, one of the very best ways to do so is with hand-held video marketing products like video brochures.

And I know what you might be thinking… Why can’t you just email them to prospects or put them on your website—or even landing pages for PPC ads for that matter.

Well, we’ve got two answers for that. First, videos rarely get much attention when sent in emails or posted on websites. And second, you can’t control whether or not your target audience, especially the ones you’re hoping to connect with the most, will actually click on your PPC ads.

On the other hand, videos in video brochures get watched by targeted recipients. In fact, they rarely ever get set aside, and they tend to escalate perceived value as well as trust.

Basically, when people see, touch, hear, and feel emotions about stuff like videos tend to arouse, it’s a form of communication that blows away motionless text and images in print marketing.

To learn more about how to use video brochures to succeed in modern business, or to get a FREE SAMPLE, contact us today.

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