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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for e-schools and Garnet Valley.

Marketing & Video Brochures – A Perfect Marriage

Marketing and video brochures go together like a couple in a perfect marriage. If paired correctly, they compliment each other and make each other better. Together, they are capable of fulfilling a company’s life-long dreams. They support each other, create excitement, and complete each other.

First, here are some important points about marketing.

Companies who market themselves are generally more successful than their competitors. The truth, as basic as it can be, is we are all in marketing. If we are hoping to gain something, we are in marketing. When consumers are ready to purchase products or services we offer, our company’s chances of getting their business improve dramatically if they think of us. Otherwise, we lose them to our competitors.

To further illustrate the importance of marketing, let’s imagine ourselves as single adults who want to meet other single adults and go on dates. If we don’t advertise our availability and some of our features, other single adults probably aren’t going to just show up out of nowhere and ask us out. Some companies who don’t market themselves claim they cannot afford to advertise and believe consumers are somehow just going to find them. Truthfully, most of them cannot afford to not advertise. Consumers generally don’t find companies on their own often enough to keep a company in business without knowing anything about them.

Second, here are some important points about video brochures.

They are impressive pieces of technology most businesses can afford. For many, one sale usually recovers the $20 to $55 per unit it costs to have them. They make average salespeople great and sometimes practically make sales themselves. Targeted recipients regularly share them with other decision makers. They are viewed as impressive, novel items and not simply as more common advertising pieces that usually get thrown away. They engage more senses with sight, sound and motion to make a greater impact on a viewer’s feelings. Also, recipients remember more of what they see, hear and feel from a video brochure than they do when a salesperson engages them. Recipients appreciate being able to watch them at their own convenience at anytime or anywhere since they don’t require electricity or an internet connection. And finally, companies who market with them are easily able to retain control over how their company is presented rather than relying on salespeople to always be at their best.

In conclusion, here are some important points about marketing with video brochures.

In the digital age we live in, watching videos on various digital devices has become common for people around the world. Videos grab attention, peak curiosity and make messages more interesting and memorable.

Marketing with videos has proven to generate huge success. Companies who use video brochures report they received the best ROI with them compared to other forms of marketing they’ve tried.

MediaFast has helped a multitude of companies throughout the entire process of creating video brochures that have been highly successful in marketing campaigns. In fact, most companies who have used MediaFast to make their video brochures return for more because of the satisfying experience and great success they achieved at affordable prices.

Marketing can make or break a company, and getting state-of-the-art digital marketing products into the hands of a company’s most likely customers will substantially increase their chances for prosperity. To see if MediaFast can help improve your company’s marketing with video brochures or other products, contact us today!

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