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This is a MediaBuk video brochure for celebrating graduates.

MediaBuk – A Game Changer In Video Brochures

Companies often ask us if they can get high quality video brochures in a few days, and they want them to be affordable. Whereas we didn’t have an option to meet those requests before, now we do with the launch of MediaBük.

MediaBük – A Game Changer In Video Brochures

While video brochures are excellent for sales, fundraising, educating, training, recruiting, branding and many other purposes, there are two big challenges to overcome to have them. Fortunately, MediaBük was created by MediaFast to offer a solution to those two challenges.

First, video brochures are expensive unless ordered in large quantities. As a result, usually only big companies can afford them. Second, it takes approximately two weeks to receive them after they’ve been ordered because they are manufactured in China. Often, the long wait is a challenge for people who want them.

With MediaBük, those two challenges have been resolved. Because the units are customized after they are received, they are ready to ship sooner. Also, since they are shipped from within the United States, they are received much faster.

Simply put, a MediaBük is a customizable video brochure people can purchase in ANY quantity and receive in a few days. In fact, when an order is placed Monday through Friday by 12:00 MST, the shipment is mailed the same day from our warehouse in American Fork, Utah.

MediaBük video brochures come in different versions

Just like video brochures, MediaBüks grab attention, impress recipients, and deliver messages in an unforgettable manner. Also, they are ideal for business and personal reasons.

Here are the different versions:

MediaBük Business is excellent for business and comes in three different sizes: Portfolio, Video Mailer and Video Business Card. All three are affordable, easily customizable, and destined to generate outstanding ROI just like video brochures have been doing for companies for a few years now.

Memories MediaBük is great for various life events and special occasions. You know all of those times you felt compelled to take photos and now have hundreds of stored in your phone or on your computer? Well, now you can give them a home! The Memories MediaBük is perfect for saving and sharing special moments and memories in an easy, fun and classy way.

Wedding MediaBük is outstanding for sharing the moments and memories of “the big day”. As with all versions of MediaBük, music can be added along with slideshows and videos on Wedding MediaBük to keep those special memories and feelings alive.

Funeral MediaBük is a classy way to commemorate the passing of a loved one. In a Funeral MediaBük, their life can be highlighted with a special video, slideshow and music along with the perfect photo of them.

Graduation MediaBük is the perfect way to commemorate someone’s graduation day. There are only a handful of special days many people get to experience in life, and Graduation MediaBük is an excellent way to relive and share this timeline accomplishment.

How to customize MediaBük video brochures

To learn how easy it is to customize a MediaBük, watch the following videos:

MediaBük – maybe the perfect solution

Over the past few years, we’ve witnessed video brochures generate outstanding results and ROI for companies. Whoever thought to combine videos with traditional printed brochures was genius because they have taken the marketing world by storm.

Now, by inventing MediaBük, we can offer this state-of-the-art digital product at an affordable price to anyone who desires to use it for business or personal reasons. They don’t have to be ordered in bulk, and they can be shipped the very same day.

To learn more about MediaBük video brochures or to place an order, contact us today.

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