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This is a MediaBuk video brochure.

MediaBük Video Brochures Are Totally Awesome

MediaBük video brochures are the video brochures people can purchase in small quantities or even individually, and they’re ideal for business or personal use (most people don’t know that about video brochures).

Just like regular video brochures, they combine the power of print and video in a customizable package. However, they can be purchased in smaller quantities and are more affordable because of it. Companies enjoy excellent ROI with them, and individuals who use them for personal reasons benefit from how impressive they seem to recipients as well.

Video brochures ensure recipients get messages as intended

By using a pre-recorded, crystal clear video on an LCD screen, video brochures make it possible for individuals and companies to ensure viewers receive their messages exactly how they intended. The combination of sight, sound and motion makes messages more genuine, and it enables messengers to WOW an audience with audio, video and the best of print in one cutting-edge package.

One of the greatest advantages videos provide is that they allow nonverbal communication to be used. According to experts, a substantial amount of human communication is nonverbal. On any given day, most people respond to thousands on nonverbal cues and behaviors like posture, facial expressions, eye movements, gestures, and tone of voice from others. When it can be seen, nonverbal communication greatly influences levels of interest as well as how much people understand. It also holds great entertainment value.

Another great advantage video brochures provide is they allow companies to stop directing prospects to landing pages, websites, or emails to have their videos watched. While it may be true that videos make landing pages, websites and emails more interesting, video brochures can be distributed directly to prospects so they don’t have to navigate anywhere else to experience them.

Partly as a result of these reasons, feedback indicates video brochures are virtually impossible to ignore, much less set aside to be viewed later, and they produce a much higher open and response rate than almost all other forms of marketing.

Video brochures are ideal for complex or technical messages

Sometimes messages aren’t nearly as interesting or as clear when presented in forms of communication other than in person or in videos. For example, someone can write directions on how to prepare a specific meal or how to fix a washing machine. They could also talk someone through those processes on a phone or while actually being present with them. However, if they communicate with a combination of their voice, gestures, expressions, movements, and motions while also demonstrating how to do those things, viewers will find it easier to follow.

Furthermore, videos are more efficient, entertaining and effective for showing just about anything that might be complex or technical. For example, videos are used often for teaching medical procedures or physical movements while people are learning how to perform various activities. Without them, many procedures are much more difficult to teach and learn without sight, sound and motion being included.

MediaBük video brochures offer great value

In addition to being excellent for sales, MediaBük video brochures perform exceptionally well when used for fundraising, educating, training, recruiting, branding and many other purposes in business. We’ve also loved seeing how much people experience success when using them to share resumes and portfolios, launch products or services, and deliver proposals.

In addition, what has been just as enjoyable to see is how much people love using them to deliver personal messages or commemorate special events like weddings, graduations, funerals, holiday celebrations and many other joyful events in life.

Regardless of what they’re used for, MediaBük video brochures provide a classy way to store and share videos. For the money, they’re often more cost effective to produce and distribute than many other popular forms of video storage and distribution. As well, they’re classy and novel, which adds great value.

To learn more about MediaBük video brochures and how they can be used personally or in business, contact us today.

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