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This is a MediaBuk video brochure for the purpose of sharing video content of memories.

MediaBük Video Brochures – Dynamic & Affordable

Whether used for sales, fundraising, exposure, training, recruiting, reporting, branding or sharing testimonials, MediaBük Video Brochures can be purchased at an excellent price for use in business. They’re also great for personal use because they come in different versions and are more affordable than traditional video brochures.

What makes MediaBük Video Brochures more affordable

We invented MediaBük video brochures after receiving many requests from potential customers asking if they could buy video brochures in smaller quantities at a lower price. As we brainstormed, we quickly realized the only way to make it happen would be to have a large inventory of video brochures pre-made without any customization. They would also need to be easy to customize after being delivered to purchasers, and they would need to maintain the classy and impressive looks custom video brochures deliver.

After many hours of brainstorming, testing and development, we found a way to make it happen. We introduced them for purchase in 2017, and they’ve continued to become increasingly popular ever since.

For simplicity’s sake, here are two videos that demonstrate how easy it is to customize a MediaBük video brochure:

We offer different versions of MediaBük Video Brochures

MediaBük video brochures grab attention, impress recipients, and deliver messages in an unforgettable manner just like custom video brochures. They’re ideal for pretty much any reason someone would want to use a video brochure, and they provide a perfect way for personal stories to be told and memories to be kept.

The following video highlights the MediaBük Wedding Version:

The following video highlights the MediaBük Funeral Version:

Business MediaBük comes in three different sizes: PortfolioVideo Mailer and Video Business Card. All three are affordable, easy to customize, and proven to generate outstanding ROI. For companies who don’t want to spend a lot of money on custom video brochures but still want to use them, these are ideal.

Memories MediaBük is great for various life events and special occasions. With it, people have an ideal home for all of the videos and photos they usually have stored on their computers or cell phones. Put simply, Memories MediaBük is perfect for saving and sharing special moments and memories in an easy, fun and classy way, and it makes for an excellent gift.

Wedding MediaBük is perhaps unbeatable for sharing the moments and memories of a wedding day. As with all versions of MediaBük, music can be added along with slideshows and videos on Wedding MediaBük to keep those special memories and feelings alive.

Funeral MediaBük is a classy way to commemorate the passing of a loved one. In a Funeral MediaBük, their life can be highlighted with a special video, slideshow, music and a memorable photo of them.

Graduation MediaBük is the perfect way to commemorate someone’s graduation day. There are only a handful of special days in most people’s life, and Graduation MediaBük is an excellent way to capture and relive the accomplishment.

Holiday MediaBük is great for capturing the joy of the holidays. Video footage of families and friends can be stored in Holiday MediaBük and shared as the years go by and more special holiday memories are made.

MediaBük Video Brochures only come from MediaFast

MediaBük Video Brochures can be handed to targeted recipients, sent by mail, displayed on countertops or tables, shared at family gatherings or in meetings, and given to practically anyone who would benefit from seeing a specific video for any particular reason. With extraordinary versatility, MediaBük Video Brochures offer an attractive alternative for many different purposes in business and everyday life.

For the money, MediaBük Video Brochures are often more cost effective to produce and distribute than other sales tools or popular forms of marketing. We’re proud to have found a way to make video brochures more affordable, and we’ve enjoyed the many success stories our customers have shared with us.

To learn more about MediaBük video brochures or any of the other marketing products we offer, contact us today.

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