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This is a group of MediaFast DVDs and CDs used for marketing.

MediaFast QuickMailer – A Great Way To Impress

The MediaFast QuickMailer is an impressive way to connect with an audience. It is DVD advertising that outperforms email campaigns, social media, YouTube videos, PPC campaigns, and print advertising. On top of that, it can cost less too. That’s right!  Many times, it costs less.

For approximately $2, an advertiser can engage a targeted recipient who will watch a high-quality video about the advertiser’s products or services in a more intriguing way. Videos are significantly more effective forms of communication because they engage more senses. The MediaFast QuickMailer has been proven to boost marketing power, increase sales, outperform SEO, and will never be affected by email filters.

MediaFast QuickMailer DVD’s Help Companies Stand Out

The goal of any marketing campaign is to increase sales. To do that, companies and individuals have to market themselves and their products or services well enough to attract paying customers. A MediaFast QuickMailer DVD delivers what has proven to be the most effective form of advertising – a combination of audio and visual that can be mailed or hand delivered in an impressive package. Recollection skyrockets in humans when audio and visual are combined, and viewers become much more engaged watching a video than when they just read words or look at still images.

For the sake of comparison, let’s examine some popular forms of advertising. With direct mail, a 2% response rate is considered to be outstanding. With email campaigns, the average open rate is about 3%. YouTube videos and SEO tactics are affected by rankings, and people are often too busy to surf around a website or social media looking for information. As for pay-per-click campaigns, the only guaranteed result is that an advertiser will have to pay Google for the clicks their ads receive. The downside is that the average conversion rate on those clicks, according to, is 2.35%. An outstanding rate is considered to be 5.31%. Here is one more downside to PPC campaigns: the average cost of adwords is higher than what a MediaFast QuickMailer costs to manufacture and deliver to any prospective customer. That might be hard to believe, but it is true.

MediaFast QuickMailer DVD’s Have A High Open And Play Rate

With all of that said, one of the greatest advantages an advertiser receives by using this marketing tool is it has an open and play rate of 20%. That percentage is from a study conducted by Survey USA. For about $2 per unit, that’s an outstanding result! Furthermore, 64% of people who watched a MediaFast QuickMailer DVD did so in groups of 5 or more. That kind of result doesn’t happen with other standard forms of marketing.

MediaFast QuickMailer DVD’s Win The War In Mailboxes

For marketing groups, a best practice when making strategic decisions is to consider what happens in mailboxes each day. A MediaFast QuickMailer DVD definitely wins “The War In Mailboxes” because it has proven to be more intriguing to recipients than the bills and junk mail so often in their mailboxes. They are viewed as more of a novelty item and not a throwaway piece. As a result, their open and play rate is significantly higher than any of the popular forms of advertising referenced above.

MediaFast QuickMailer DVD’s Are Convenient And Versatile

Conveniently, recipients can watch them whenever they have time and in whatever place they choose. The reorder rates are high, further revealing their effectiveness. And finally, among other things, dvd advertising can be used for multiple purposes like instruction, motivation, sales, personal messages, creating awareness, and summoning support for specific causes.

The MediaFast QuickMailer is a dvd advertising tool that many companies are using with great success. This awesome device effectively gets messages heard, impresses customers, and attracts people to websites. It truly is a cutting edge way to impress, and it does generate success.

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