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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for Gregory Poole.

MediaFast Video Brochure – A TV Commercial In Your Hands

Recently I had a friend share a MediaFast video brochure with me. My wife and I own a print advertising company and haven’t done much with digital advertising. From what I can remember, I’ve never experienced a video brochure like that before. By experience a video brochure, I mean I hadn’t ever held a product about the size of an average postcard in my hands that, when I opened it, played a video instead of displaying images and words that I had to read to get the message. I was literally holding what felt like a TV commercial in my hands. There were buttons I could push to control the volume. Buttons I could push to select a short version of the message or a longer version with more detailed information. The emotions I felt as I watched the video repeatedly were similar to the feelings I get when watching sports highlights or an actual TV commercial like the good ones we watch during the Super Bowl each year.

MediaFast Makes Video Brochures Affordable

What fascinated me even more was how inexpensive MediaFast video brochures are as a way for companies to market themselves. $35 to $65, depending mostly on quantity, seems like an affordable investment for such a powerful tool to better connect with an audience. As I asked questions, thoughts and ideas raced through my mind. I felt like the marketing opportunities with this tool were endless!

Video Brochures Engage More Senses

I’ve held countless numbers of pamphlets, flyers, postcards, greeting cards, invitations, and brochures during the 45 years of my life, but never before has one kept my attention and entertained me so much. That video brochure showed me how effectively a company or an individual can emotionally engage an audience. With a MediaFast video brochure, their message and/or product can be presented significantly more impressively. Recollection skyrockets in humans when there is a combination of audio and visual, which means viewers will remember a message they see and hear much more than if they were just reading words or looking at still images. Normal forms of print advertising and audio messages do not make an impact like that.

Video Brochures Can Be Watched Anytime Anywhere

Then it dawned on me, not only is this product amazing, but it can be watched anytime anywhere with practically anyone!  Internet access, downloads, and wires for power are not necessary since they are battery operated. Additionally, the advertiser has more control over how their message is presented, and recipients have more control over when they watch the video. In most cases, they won’t even have to read any content to understand the message being presented. All a recipient has to do is open it to experience it.

Another benefit of a MediaFast video brochure is that it makes it easy for recipients to share the advertisement with co-workers and friends. Based on analytics, viewers share them often. For the advertiser, the positive result of this is their video gives each viewer the exact same emotional experience as it gets watched many more times.

Video Brochures Improve The Sales Process

For sales people, having a video brochure as a tool makes the sales process less intimidating. Knowing they can leave an impressive piece of technology with a prospective client boosts the company image and takes pressure off of them. The prospective client appreciates the convenience that a MediaFast video brochure creates, and when they do watch it, they’ll be engaged more emotionally and retain more of the message. Furthermore, from a sales perspective, a MediaFast video brochure gives a company a way to sell without salespeople actually having to interact with a prospective client. The video can motivate a customer to buy, or it can create enough interest in a prospective customer so they will advance further along in a sales funnel. In fact, a customer may be more comfortable on that path.

Video Brochures Are Kept, Watched, and Shared

Advances in technology have greatly influenced the way companies and individuals market themselves and their products. The video brochure is the most recent innovation in marketing that is successfully touching viewers and potential clients more than ever before with any form of print advertising or audio commercials. Analytics show that recipients feel as though they are not throwaway items. Unlike business cards or other forms of print advertising, recipients watch them, share them, and keep them. Furthermore, MediaFast only uses brand new components to ensure the highest quality, and they make them affordable too.

For advertisers, the time to take advantage of this amazing product is now. If this writing was presented in a MediaFast video brochure, you would have enjoyed it more, connected with it more emotionally, and be able to remember it better. (See what I did there?)

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