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MediaFast Video Marketing Products Won’t Let You Down

MediaFast Video Marketing Products have produced outstanding return on investment for many years – they won’t let you down. Video content is one of the main keys to their success. The fact that decision-makers can’t resist them is another. Also, as a way for companies to impress targeted prospects, they’re almost impossible to beat.

Why MediaFast Video Marketing Products Won’t Let You Down

  1. In all of our products, we only use brand new, Grade A components. This ensures the best quality and performance.
  2. We provide a full warranty on all of our Video Marketing Products. To learn more, click this link: Best Quality & Full Warranty On Video Brochures.
  3. A grand total of one (1) is the minimum order with us. This means for companies who want a prototype to test before placing a bigger order, we’ll make it.
  4. Users can change video content without having to purchase new units. We do not lock the original videos when we install them.
  5. We do not “nickel and dime” with our prices. Nor do we “bait and switch”. While variables in components exist, not all of them add costs. For example, we do not have surcharges or set-up fees. Nor do we charge extra for standard size screens, memory, or batteries. Even loading video content is included in the prices we disclose.
  6. Rather than up-sale, we are committed to helping our customers choose what variables they want so they can avoid overspending.
  7. While we have many design templates, none are considered to be standard. Customization is encouraged, and we’ll either design or help our customers design their units by giving guidance and suggestions along the way.
  8. Multiple videos can be included and units can have up to 14 buttons for controls. The most common ones are Play/Pause, Fast Forward, Rewind, Volume Up, Volume Down, Skip Forward 15 Seconds, and Skip Back 15 Seconds.
  9. With over 150 years of combined experience in our leadership team, companies get an innovator and leader in the industry when they choose to buy from us.
  10. We know exactly when to cut corners to save time and money and when not to without compromising quality. If our name is on it, we care as much as humanly possible.

Why Video Marketing Products Produce Excellent Results

Cutting-edge Video Marketing Products like Video Brochures, Video Mailers and Video Gift and Sample Boxes capture the attention of targeted prospects. Video Point of Purchase Displays perform extremely well in retail settings as well.

One of the main reasons for their success is that messages presented in them engage viewers in more influential ways. For example, when someone watches a video, they learn substantially more in less time than if they were to read or listen to an audio message delivering the same information. On top of that, the combination of images with sound a motion makes it more engaging and trustworthy.

Another benefit Video Marketing Products provide is that people have become accustomed to watching videos. For companies who use videos to communicate, one of the greatest benefits they enjoy is that for viewers, consuming videos feels like less work. At the same time, since Video Marketing Products are so hard to ignore, executives usually can’t resist watching them. This is primarily the reason why they produce such outstanding return on investment.

To put their performance in perspective, an average order of Video Brochures usually costs between $20 and $65 per unit. The higher the quantity, the lower the price. Considering how well they perform, $20 to $65 per unit is an inexpensive amount since one sale easily recoups the cost for most companies.

To purchase any of our Video Marketing Products so your company can enjoy the benefits they provide, or to get a FREE SAMPLE, contact us today.

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