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MediaBuk video brochure.

Memories MediaBük – Because Videos Can Be Gifts

Videos are an excellent way to capture and share special moments in our lives. To give videos as gifts, Memories MediaBük provides a classy, cutting-edge way to make the act feel even more special to the giver and receiver.

We introduced MediaBük versions of video brochures early in 2017 as a way to make video brochures more affordable and practical for everyone. So far they’ve been extremely popular, and people have really enjoyed that we created different versions for business and personal use as well.

For example, we offer Graduation MediaBük, Holiday MediaBük, Wedding MediaBük, Funeral MediaBük, and Memories MediaBük. There are also several different versions available for business purposes. To learn more, click this link: The Many Different Versions of MediaBük.

Videos make great gifts

Videos provide a great way to show a person how much they’re loved and appreciated. They’re also ideal for capturing, storing and sharing special moments and sending messages that recipients can watch and enjoy for years and years.

People make videos for different reasons. Sometimes they hope to experience nostalgia at some time in the future. Sometimes videos are made for entertainment, and sometimes people make them for the purpose of reviewing footage at a later date (for example, legal proceedings or sports contests for scouting purposes).

Commonly, people record weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, baby’s first steps, graduations, achievements, ceremonies, retirements, parties, performances, special events, instructions, rare sights and details about circumstances. In addition, people also make videos to share direct messages, thank you’s, thinking of you’s, stories, appreciation, humor, entertainment, and for the purpose of creating motivation.

When someone receives a video made specifically for them and/or their benefit, they typically experience positive feelings ranging from pleasure to love.

For example, videos are often shown at awards ceremonies and retirements as a way to spotlight an individual and illustrate the value they brought to people who were associated with them. Videos are also commonly watched at anniversary parties and funerals as a way to highlight important moments in people’s lives and remind others of how much they loved them. They’re also shown at family get-togethers and company parties to arouse feelings of nostalgia, togetherness and accomplishment.

Biologically, videos engage more senses in humans because they combine sight, sound and motion. As a result, they arouse more emotions and create a better connection in viewers than messages that are motionless and/or only written or only heard. While those methods are effective and often appreciated by recipients, videos have the ability to say and show a whole lot more in the same amount of time it takes a person to look at and/or read messages given to them.

To put it simply, giving videos as gifts is a powerful way to help someone feel happy, valued, appreciated and loved.

Memories MediaBük – a special way to give videos as gifts

There are times in life when givers want to make gifts more extraordinary and special. Sometimes going above and beyond to show love and appreciation or respect for someone can make a noticeable difference in their life. Fortunately, Memories MediaBük provides an excellent way to make that happen.

The very moment someone opens a Memories MediaBük and a video about them or a direct message made specifically for them starts playing, they’ll feel surprised, captivated, charmed, valued, loved and possibly other emotions. Those feelings will bring them joy, and the Memories MediaBük will make the video someone made for them feel so much more impressive.

If this sounds like the kind of impact you want to make on someone you love or anyone else for that matter, or to learn about any of the cutting-edge marketing products we offer, contact us today.

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