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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for Arbor Health.

Most Effective Marketing In 2023: Video Brochures

If you’re reading this, your marketing in 2023 probably hasn’t gone how you’d like. We sympathize with your disappointments. After all, losing money can be frustrating. And so can investing your time and money in a marketing strategy that doesn’t produce well enough for your wants and needs.

So, what have you been trying? Pay-per-click, postcards, pamphlets, emails or phone calls? What about conventions, network groups, or live dropins trying to connect with decision-makers? Or maybe something different…like radio commercials or referrals from professionals who work in your industry?

Well, if none of that has worked well enough for you, the good news is that Video Brochures most likely are the solution. In fact, they’ve been for so many companies we’ve worked with, and the fact that many of them keep reordering speaks volumes.

Challenges In Marketing In 2023

According to Salesforce’s recent State of Marketing report, 75% of marketers say they rely somewhat on third-party data.

Okay… So how is that a problem? Well, because cookies and other strategies used to identify specific users and influence their internet browsing can’t always be trusted. If you use pay-per-click and other paid advertising, you know what I mean, right?

Wisely, 68% of marketers also say they’re trying to shift toward first-party data. Many just need time to figure out their strategy and how to manage it… Or someone trustworthy to do it for them. Understandable…right?

At the same time, what’s most concerning to marketers are the changes in data privacy policies and regulations over the past few years. Essentially, they’ve made a huge impact on digital analytics. Combine that with economic uncertainty, and what has resulted is that the value and effectiveness of marketing campaigns is looked at with an increased amount of scrutiny.

So, what does all of this mean? In a nutshell, it means that measuring ROI in marketing is a stiff challenge. Furthermore, while business owners and marketers must remain open to new opportunities for growth and measurement, they have to figure out trustworthy ways to accomplish those objectives.

One Solution: Market Directly To Your Target Audience

Marketing directly to your target audience makes a lot of sense, right? Effectively, the better you aim, the more likely you are to connect with whatever it is you’re trying to connect with, right? So, how do you do that?

First, instead of trying to reach customers everywhere, many marketers are now changing their focus toward meeting their customers wherever they typically are.

For instance, Erica Schultz, CMO at RAIN Group—a global sales training and consulting organization—told CMSWire that the solution is to get more focused due to changing buyer behavior, economic uncertainty, and shifting budgets in 2023.

“Our motto used to be: ‘be everywhere’. We’ve changed that to ‘be only where our buyers are’. We’re more focused on defining our ideal customer profile and understanding what these buyers read (and watch), where they go for information, the conferences they attend, etc.,” Schultz said.

Second, use a strategy that will interest your prospects enough to pay attention while also connecting directly with them… And with full intention, Video Brochures do that.

Seriously, if you’ve ever experienced one, you know what I’m saying. If you haven’t, you’re in the right place to learn more about them.

Examples of Video Brochures

Interestingly, even though Video Brochures have been around for a decade or so, they’re still quite novel. In case you aren’t familiar with them, here are examples of several we’ve created for clients. To see more, check out our MediaFast Video Brochure Gallery.

Oh, and while you’re watching, notice the classy print and navigation buttons that go on them. When it comes to engaging and impressing targeted prospects, you’ll see they’re attention-grabbing and far more interesting than the marketing tactics mentioned in the second paragraph of this post. Likewise, from what our clients have experienced, ROI with them blows those strategies away.

5 Challenges To Overcome In Marketing In 2023

As you watched that video, my hope is you thought about how much more interesting marketing pieces like those are compared to strategies you may have tried.

With that said, here are challenges you should overcome in marketing in 2023:

  1. Stop wasting money on marketing tactics that don’t work. In the digital age we’re living in, people typically don’t want to read much until they’re truly interested in learning more about something. Also, video content is far more appealing than motionless text or images. Why? Because the combination of imagery with sound and motion can show and tell more in less time. It also feels easier to consume.
  2. Stop being afraid to progress with the times. If you’re spending money on antiquated marketing tactics, chances are you’re not using your money wisely enough. Videos are what connect with modern consumers, and smart marketers capitalize on them.
  3. Stop thinking you have to spend a lot on videos to have them be effective. If you’re making TV commercials, yes, they can be expensive. However, if you’re making videos for any other purpose, you can use a cell phone or inexpensive video camera and easily have them look good.
  4. Stop not engaging your target audience with your videos. Video Brochures are superstars at making that happen.
  5. Stop thinking Video Brochures are too expensive. They cost between $20 and $65 per unit, which is less than you’d spend taking a prospect out to eat. Yeah…they’re more expensive than most other marketing tactics, but they’re far more effective. For instance, we’ve had clients enjoy 66% response rates, and most of them say ROI with Video Brochures blows away anything else they’ve tried.

In a nutshell, to do your best marketing, Video Brochures are a no-brainer.

Video Explaining How To Do Your Most Effective Marketing

At this point, a lot has been written about marketing and Video Brochures. So, rather than give you more to read, here’s a video explaining how to do your most effective marketing.

Presenting in it are Amy Hafen, President of MediaFast, and Bill Diaz, V.P. of Sales.

Why MediaFast Video Brochures Are Industry-Leading

At MediaFast, we only use brand new, grade A components to make all of our products. That ensures the best quality and makes them extremely reliable.

For instance, our Video Brochures have only a .05% malfunction rate (half a percent), which is far superior in our industry. We also test them thoroughly before distributing them, and we include a one-year full warranty to stand behind them.

Plus, unlike our competitors, we do not lock video content on the units. That means our clients can update and reuse them anytime they want. We also operate with a consultant style, white glove approach, meaning we keep ourselves available to interact with our clients as much as they’d like from start to finish.

After reading this, if you’d like to do your most effective marketing in 2023, or to get a FREE Sample of our Video Brochures, contact us today.

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