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Multimedia Mailer

Direct mail marketing that works!

This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for CSF University.

What is a
Multimedia Mailer?

The difference between a multimedia mailer and a multimedia brochure is the former gets mailed in an attractive, custom packaging box while the latter usually gets hand-delivered. Video mailer and video brochure are other names used to refer to them, and both are highly effective sales and marketing tools.

What is their

The reason they were created is to engage decision-makers, especially ones who are challenging to meet with due to various circumstances and/or don't typically respond to salespeople. When doing so, they practically ensure marketing videos get watched by targeted prospects, and ROI with them is fantastic.

Why choose them
for marketing?

The powerful combination of audio, video and print that multimedia mailers deliver makes them outstanding for engaging targeted prospects. Traditional sales and marketing media isn't nearly as interesting. Plus, email marketing and pay-per-click (PPC) aren't nearly as effective, meaning these deliver better value.

Multimedia Mailer Examples

Multimedia Mailer Benefits


Typical envelope versus custom branded multimedia mailer… As a recipient, which would you feel is more attractive?


Yeah, compared to other marketing strategies companies try, that’s a real statistic.


People's decisions are often influenced by others. Video mailers are easily sharable, making them ideal for those instances.


With multimedia mailers, marketers keep thier messages to their target audience consistent...and impressive.


Quality of presentation makes a major impact on response rates and results.


It's all your brand and messages. Nothing about anyone else—not a delivery company, manufacturer, or even us for that matter.


Most of our clients say they've never enjoyed marketing results like the ones multimedia brochures produce.


No cords or internet connection is necessary. All it takes is to distribute multimedia mailers and let them work their magic.


All of our video marketing products are rechargeable like cell phones, and the video content can be changed through a simple process.

Multimedia Mailer Videos

Ways To Use Multimedia Mailers

This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for CSF University.

As a way to engage hard-to-reach decision-makers, Multimedia Mailers are almost impossible to beat.

Alias names for them include video mailer, video card, video box, and brochure with video.

The following testimonial is from Abby Albers, one of our clients.

To introduce our company as we expand into new markets, we have distributed the amazing (multimedia mailers) created by MediaFast to hundreds of medical professionals across the US. These (multimedia mailers) have led to meaningful leads and helped us establish lasting relationships with offices that might not have worked with us otherwise.


Multimedia Mailers are printed with your custom design.

Five Screen Sizes

Choose from five screen sizes: 3, 4, 5, 7, and 10 inch.

No Minimum Order

With us, you can order from one to thousands.

Change Video Content

Change your mp4 or mov file at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Multimedia brochures get hand-delivered while multimedia mailers get mailed.

Multimedia mailers are equipped traditionally with LCD screens. There are different levels of quality and types offered by suppliers, from SD screens (standard definition), to HD IPS screens (high definition, with improved viewing angles).

We believe using the United States Postal Service is the best choice, and here’s why:

  • Shipping labels from the USPS won’t cover up the custom packaging you spent time and money to design, making your package feel more intriguing.
  • While UPS and FedEx charge extra for residential deliveries, the USPS does not since it’s where the majority of their deliveries take place. What that means is if you’re targeting a prospect who spends more time at home than at an office, which is quite common nowadays, you won’t have to pay extra to reach them.
  • USPS doesn’t normally charge for return service, so if your video mailer comes back to you for some reason, you can reuse it for another prospect.
  • USPS delivers within the lower 48 states within 5 days.
  • USPS is simply a much better value than other carriers.

Multimedia mailers are printed on boardstock paper. At MediaFast, we utilize 350 gsm, 18 pt, c2s sbs to ensure the highest quality, which can vary from one supplier to the next.

Yes, we offer design templates to help designers with all of our video marketing products. To learn more, view our design templates.

Depending on your wants and needs, multimedia mailers can have anywhere from 0 to 14 buttons. The most common are pause/play, volume up, volume down, video chapter buttons (multiple videos can be included, each activated by its own button), skip forward 15 seconds, and skip back 15 seconds.

You might have heard a multimedia mailer referred to as a video brochure, video mailer, video card, video book, brochure with video, or a video pamphlet. Interestingly, people have given them many different aliases.

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