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New Customer Forms

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Taking care of necessary paperwork early helps to ensure we are ready for your project to begin on time.

Fill Out Your Forms Online

New Customer Form

Online Form Instructions

  • Click the "Online Form" button to open the selected form in a new tab and begin filling it out.
  • If you are on a mobile device you do not need to download the app, simply select continue in browser to finish the form.
  • Your completed forms will be sent to MediaFast automatically, please download a copy for your own records.

Download and Return Your Forms

New Customer Form

Instructions to Download

  • Right-click the "Download Now" button, or control-click if you are using a Mac, and select “Save Target As…” Then the form will be saved on your hard drive.
  • You will then complete the PDF of the form.
  • Sign it, following the choices for creating a digital signature given in the “Sign Document” box that appears when you click on the Signature boxes in each form.
  • Then save the PDF form to your hard drive, and email the completed PDF to your contact at MediaFast.

MediaFast General Terms

MediaFast General Terms

Copyright Form

This form is currently being revised. Contact your sales representative to fill it out. This form is required for all CD, DVD and Blu-Ray Orders.

MediaFast IPR Form

This form is currently being revised. Contact your sales representative so you can fill this out. This form is designed to protect your copyrighted product from illegal reproduction. It also ensures that your content meets our requirements, which are designed to maintain our company policy of maintaining a “Clean Content Shop.”

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