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This is a Point of Purchase Display with a video screen made by MediaFast for Blendtec.

No Power, No Problem – POP Displays Make Sales

At an opportune time in a shopper’s eye, a point of purchase display (POP display) can grab their attention and ultimately motivate them to purchase an item. It may be a seller’s last opportunity to convert someone who is browsing into a buyer.

For example, I recall shopping in a sporting goods store years ago. I was in line to purchase a few of the items when suddenly I noticed an attention grabbing point of purchase display with needles to air up footballs. It immediately dawned on me that our football, the football my family had enjoyed tossing around on numerous occasions, needed air. I remembered we didn’t have a needle, so I purchased a pack of two. If it wasn’t for that point of purchase display, I wouldn’t have made that purchase.

POP Displays Generate Impulse Buys

Chances are fairly high that most people have had a similar experience. Point of purchase displays, also called point of sale displays, are a proven way to successfully generate impulse buys. They also increase brand awareness and help new products become more popular. When an item has just seconds to make an impact, a POP display can ensure it gets noticed.

POP Displays Produce Many Benefits

  • They capture a consumer’s attention in a more impressive way.
  • They generate high returns on investment.
  • They highlight features intended to promote purchases.
  • They highlight special deals and promotions.
  • They increase brand recognition.

MediaFast Uses Videos To Make POP Displays More Effective

MediaFast makes point of purchase displays more effective by installing videos to create more attraction and engage more senses in consumers. Humans in general are drawn to videos, and with so many digital devices being used today, people are somewhat addicted to them. The combination of sight and sound in a video dramatically increases the affect a person feels as opposed to what happens when they look at a motionless object. Analytics have proven that attention skyrockets and sales increase when POP displays include a video in their presentation.

POP Displays Are Not Throw-Away Marketing Pieces

No power, no problem! The batteries are good for hours and can be recharged. As a result, MediaFast point of purchase displays can be set up practically anywhere to optimize affect. With the simple push of a button, consumers become more enticed to buy a product being marketed this way. Also, since the videos can be edited, the content doesn’t have to get stale over time. Additionally, the videos won’t lock up or need to be rebooted because MediaFast makes them simple with one purpose in mind – to play the video when the activation button is pushed. Through research, MediaFast has learned that shorter videos have a greater effect. There is no need for fast-forward, rewind, or other features that would increase costs and the chances of frustrating technical difficulties.

MediaFast Creates The Best POP Displays

For over a decade, MediaFast has created point of purchase displays that have helped clients sell thousands of products and services. They only use brand new components to ensure the highest quality, and their inspections are top-notch.

Regarding design and “POP”, nobody does it better than MediaFast. They fully understand that a well done point of purchase display will attract consumers to one specific product over another. Winning that competition at the opportune moment is critical, and MediaFast knows how to make POP displays more professional and appealing to a consumer’s eye. They also make them affordable.

Contact MediaFast today and get the help you need to make your brand stand out and your products sell more!

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