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This is a MediaFast video box for #BEBOLD.

One Video Occasion When A Gift Box Did Not Win

As you probably already know, videos have become superstars in marketing. When used in marketing products like video brochures, video mailers, video gift boxes, video sample boxes, point-of-purchase displays, and USB Flash Drives, they increase open and response rates remarkably. In fact, there aren’t many occasions when videos are used in marketing products or communication strategies when open and response rates do not increase.

One Video Occasion When A Gift Box Did Not Win

To be up front and honest, I apologize for the play on words (so to speak). I realize this specific Gift Box is not a video marketing product we sell at MediaFast, but I hope you don’t mind the entertainment. Sometimes it’s just interesting to use something outside the box (pun intended) while trying to make a point as well.

The Gift Box I’m referring to is the beautiful gray horse wearing #5. While he’s won several prestigious races in his career, he comes up just short in this one to another very good racehorse. Oh, and sorry to spoil it, but I bet the heading already gave it away….

While I hope you enjoyed that video, the point I’m trying to make is that a video gift box usually performs well on almost every occasion. I could have just as easily shown other races in which Gift Box won, but then the heading would not have been as catchy and the context of the blog would have had to be a little different… Nothing is perfect.

A Video Box Is Excellent For Samples and Gifts

Truthfully, sometimes the presentation makes all the difference with samples and gifts. We’ve seen a video box produce some outstanding reactions, and companies usually feel ecstatic about the ROI they receive when gift boxes are used.

In addition to capitalizing on the novelty affect, what a video box does is use videos to make presentations more powerful, enjoyable and impressive. They also have a way of making recipients feel special, appreciated and valued.

The moment a recipient receives a video box, they’re already impressed. Then, when they see what’s inside and the video starts playing, the power of video helps the sender make an even greater impact. After that, what makes the impact even stronger is that the recipient usually can’t wait to show it to co-workers and other decision-makers who influence them. It’s because of this that companies usually get more for their marketing dollars when they use a video box to present their samples and gifts.

A Video Box Provides A Great Way To Increase Revenue

For most companies, giving out samples or gifts is a great way to promote what they have to offer. Not only does presenting them in a video box improve their presentation, but from what we’ve seen, it also provides them with an excellent way to open doors for new relationships as well as strengthen ones that already exist.

At MediaFast, we understand the better presentations are, the better they’ll perform. For our customers, using a video box provides them with a new and exciting way to help their samples, gifts and messages increase revenue and set themselves apart from competitors.

To learn more about a video box or any of our other video marketing products, contact us today.

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