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This is a MediaFast video brochure for Redefine.

Our Recommendations For How To Design The Best Video Brochure

Wouldn’t you love to know how to design the best Video Brochure? Well, in this post we’re going to give you our recommendations. They’re based on our experience after working with them for over a decade now, and if anything, maybe this will help you overcome some fear of the unknown. Or, if you’ve already made the brilliant decision to incorporate them into your marketing but just haven’t started the design yet, this should help you move forward.

How To Design The Best Video Brochure

From our experience, video activated marketing media performs its best when the video content is the star. Not that it has to be Oscar Award winning quality, but people love videos and modern marketing that includes them performs better if they’re the primary focus.

Why? Because Video Brochures shouldn’t be a company’s catalog, and they definitely shouldn’t be designed like traditional printed brochures. While those rely on motionless imagery and copy to generate emotion, Video Brochures capitalize on the power of videos. With that power, they stir emotions, say and show more in less time, build trust, and create connections in a way that motionless content simply cannot… And they’re exciting!

Also, 98% of this type of media is set to autoplay upon opening. With that in mind, the design of a Video Brochure should play a supporting role to the video it includes. The screen is where the star lives, and when prospects open it, that’s where their eyes will go naturally within a second or two anyway. If you’ve ever held one, you know exactly what I mean.

Recommendations For Each Area of Your Video Brochure

Regarding the design of each area, here is what we recommend:

  1. Front Cover: This should include branding that lets viewers know who you are and what your company offers. Purposefully making it clear and simple is a wise decision.
  2. Inside Left Flap: This area should include more information about who you are and what your company offers, but still not too much. Again, your video needs to be the primary focus. Too much here will create a distraction. Basically, what we recommend is putting your tagline, bullets, or catch phrases here — something simple that viewers can digest quickly and easily.
  3. Inside Right Flap: In most Video Brochures, this is where the video is positioned, and all of the buttons used to control it should be here as well. Interestingly, we haven’t found any data indicating that screen size affects ROI, so the most important consideration should be the aesthetic appeal and sensibility of the entire piece.
  4. Buttons: Our customers can have anywhere from three to fourteen, and their iconography can be creatively designed as well. They can also move, meaning there is dynamic flexibility with design, shapes, location, looks, etc. With that said, while our chip-sets will accommodate up to fourteen, it’s important to make sure the real estate of the entire piece will allow it and you actually need that many. Otherwise, it might have a negative effect. Simply having three — Volume Up, Volume Down, and Pause/Play — is often perfect.
  5. Back Cover: This is an ideal location for more branding, images, information, etc. It’s also perfect for a phone number, logo, address, website, QR code and/or a call-to-action, which we highly recommend.

Based on the feedback we’ve received, those are our recommendations for the layout. Now, here is what we suggest regarding other design elements.

Recommendations For Other Design Elements

In addition to designing each area, other important considerations go into designing a Video Brochure. For instance…

  1. Print Finish: With regards to this, there are several options. For example, since the surface impacts the look and feel of each unit, you might want a shiny gloss. Or, maybe you’d prefer a matte finish… Or, if you want an upgraded finish like foil, spot UV, or one that’s embossed or debossed — you know, something to heighten the sensory experience — those are excellent options as well.
  2. How Much Text and Number of Images: From what we’ve seen, a simple, clean look tends to perform best. If you’re trying to get a vision of what I’m saying, look up Apple products and notice their marketing style. At the same time, if you have content that is highly important to you, feel free to include it in the most efficient way you can. These powerful marketing products can handle it, and they’re usually attention-grabbing enough to remain extraordinarily effective no matter how busy they look.
  3. Our Templates Have Design Guidelines: Rest assured, they’ll help you tremendously.
  4. Video Length: To put it simply, there’s a reason most commercials are 30 seconds or shorter. However, if you have more to say than approximately 30 seconds will allow, we suggest you segment your video content and have different buttons for each. For example, one button can activate your intro. Another can activate your product, service or opportunity description. Another can active testimonials, and then another can activate your call-to-action.
  5. Design Files: We can work with Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.
  6. We Require CMYK (not RGB): CMYK is much better for printing.
  7. File Transfers: We can accept Dropbox, Google Drive, WeTransfer, and many others. Please check with us for credentials and verification beforehand.
  8. Include a Print-Ready PDF: If you’ll include one within your file pack, that will be excellent.
  9. Images Must Be 300 DPI or Higher: This is so they’ll print crisp, clean and clear.
  10. Screen In a Different Location: To have it somewhere other than the inside right flap, consult with your sales rep. While there are some restrictions, it can be done and still work perfectly.

After reading this, if you’re a marketer or designer, your creative juices are probably already flowing. Regardless, these are super fun to design… and ROI with them is absolutely fantastic.

Examples of Video Brochures

My guess is you’ve seen them before, but just in case you haven’t, here is a video showing these phenomenal marketing pieces in action:

Case Study: Grow Team

Grow Team is an online marketing and SEO services company. Before working with MediaFast, their marketing strategy was to engage thousands of prospects monthly with a personalized letter and an information booklet.

However, in 2015 they collaborated with us to incorporate Video Brochures into their marketing and their results drastically improved. As they continued to use them, their response rates kept rising, and now they mail thousands of units each month because the return on investment is just too high for them to miss.

MediaFast Offers Design Services and Great Customer Service

To wrap this up, it would be negligent of me not to mention that we offer graphic design services. To see examples, click MediaFast Product Gallery with videos. Then, if you’re interested, talk to your sales rep to get our rate structure or to learn more about leveraging our team’s creative services.

In addition, we only use brand new, Grade A components to ensure the best quality in all of our products. We also include a full warranty, and customer satisfaction is our highest priority. To learn more, check out our Reviews.

And finally, after reading this, of you’d like to learn more about how to design the best Video Brochure, or to get a FREE SAMPLE, contact us today.

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