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This is a MediaFast video box for #BEBOLD.

Outshine Competitors With A Custom Video Box

Studies illustrate the influential affect videos have on viewers. To take advantage of them, a custom video box can arouse great responses from targeted prospects and help a company make more sales than they ever thought possible.

The importance of videos in 2019

The most successful companies in 2019 will communicate to potential customers with newer strategies as opposed to antiquated methods. Old fashioned approaches to marketing likely won’t be nearly as successful and savvy salespeople and marketers will make smart use of videos because people value them. On top of that, what’s highly important for marketers, videos will usually get a more favorable response from viewers than most other forms of communication. Basically, it’ll be more of what we saw in 2018, only amplified.

With this in mind, even though videos aren’t new, marketing research shows an increased importance on them. They strongly impact the purchasing decisions of consumers, and most people pick them as their go-to method for entertainment and learning. In fact, since consumers now tend to do so much research and shopping online, an increase in the use of videos should probably be the top priority of most companies to ensure they remain popular and/or relevant in their industries.

Outshine competitors with a custom video box

Using the power of videos is a great way for companies to stand out from competitors. However, sending a custom video box to highly targeted prospects is one of the most creative ways to outshine them completely. Not only is there room inside for samples, gifts, and other marketing materials, but there is also a video screen inside the box that serves as the secret ingredient. For the most part, it’s the star attraction and what causes most recipients to feel even more interested in what companies have to offer.

One of the greatest advantages a video box offers is they’re normally enough to prevent gate-keepers from intervening in the sales process. However, when they do intervene and examine what’s inside, they’re normally blown away by what they see and tend to get them in the hands of executives even faster.

In addition, a video box often makes such a great first impression that executives tend to contact senders fairly soon to set up meetings, and sometimes sales get made right away. With these benefits in mind, it’s easy to see how a video box can help companies stand out from competitors.

Let us make a great custom video box for your company

For retail sales, there may not be a better way to deliver a great presentation than including a video with product samples or gifts.

At MediaFast, we understand the importance of marketing and realize how important it is for companies to spend their marketing dollars wisely on strategies that work. Also, we only use brand new, Grade A components to ensure the best quality and customer satisfaction is our highest priority.

When companies choose us, we help them brainstorm, envision, script, and design cutting-edge marketing products to get the best results possible. Then we produce and distribute them (if they want us to) at an affordable cost. Essentially, we are a great company resource for our clients.

To learn more about a custom video box or any of the other marketing products we offer, contact us today.

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