Last week we explained what Pinterest is and, as promised, this week we’ll be focusing on the business advantages of using this social network. Take a second to think about the old adage ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’, and then imagine seeing pictures of your products all over Pinterest, telling your story!

You probably have some great mental images going on right now, so here are a few suggestions to make them become a reality:

Use Pinterest for Inspiration! Not only can you personally use it to get ideas, brainstorm and develop excellent products and content, but you can also inspire others by posting recipes, ideas for using your product and attractive images. If people feel like your pin has inspired them they are much more likely to buy whatever you are selling!

Pinterest is an excellent stage for promoting your specific branding. “Pin” or post pictures that tell your brand’s story and explain who you are and what you stand for.

Heightening your business or product’s exposure is a main benefit of utilizing Pinterest. Every “Pin,” “Re-pin,” & “Like” is shared across the category that it falls under, meaning that thousands upon thousand of people will see what you have to offer. By getting your stuff out to a broader audience, there is a much higher chance of the right consumer laying eyes on it!

A great idea to make Pinterest even more interactive is to hold contests. This can come in varying forms, but one option is to have people pin images of themselves, either using or holding your product. There’s nothing like seeing your own face online so take advantage of this!

Finally, Pinterest is a great place to do some market research about what people find appealing and what they ignore. Posting comments on your ‘Pins’ will hopefully stir up enough response to give you an idea of the general opinion!

So there you have it! It’s been a long one this week, but hopefully you can now change Pinterest into a fruitful business tool, rather than just using it to look at great shoes… Good luck!