Have you recently found yourself gazing for hours at the computer screen or have perhaps woken up in the night to find your spouse missing from bed and still up and about? If so, you, or someone in your family, have probably discovered Pinterest.
This name is floating about both cyber space and actual space, but what is Pinterest?
Pinterest is an online pinboard service that allows people to post or ‘pin’ pictures of things that they love and would like to remember. Users have the facility to not only add pictures, but to keep track of everything in separate genre specific pinboards, which can be referred back to at any time. This means you can have one area for clothing you like, another for home ideas or recipes and perhaps another for crafts or even places in the world you’d love to visit. The possibilities are endless, so why not go to www.pinterest.com and sign up? It’s pretty straight forward, and after you receive an invitation you can simple install the ‘Pin It’ feature on your toolbar and start pinning great stuff!
Organized inspiration… which we will tell you how to utilize for business purposes in next week’s blog!