Planning Process of a new project

When designing your product there are many things to consider, as well as various boxes to check in the planning process.  There are numerous questions you must ask yourself as part of the preparation procedure, and the first of which is probably ‘how much will the product cost and how will it be paid for’?  Sticking to your budget is probably the most integral part of creating any product as the whole point of creating and selling is to make money, whilst satisfying the consumer.  As well as having a figure in mind at the beginning, regularly assess where you are financially to ensure you stay on track. At Media Fast we appreciate understanding your budget so we have the ability to guide you to a design that fits your specific needs.

Another great question to brainstorm is ‘what is the delivery method for your product’’? This should impact the design of your product, as different delivery mediums will have different needs.  It is also wise to do some market research to ensure that there is a space in the market for your product – there is no point in selling something no one wants. When it comes to the actual design aspect of creating a product, it can be smart to get professional help before the actual graphics are laid out.  Have some ideas about functionality and looks, but consult with Media Fast to ensure your ideas are viable and laid out in the most cost effective way. Even the best idea needs a great plan to be successful, so you have to work with those that have the right skill set.  Planning details will save you time, and possibly money, in the long run.

When it comes to custom packaging it’s always smart to obtain a custom template before a designer begins the graphic layout. Having a template designed to maximize the sheet size on a press, folding directions and bleed specs, can save you lots of money in the end.

Your design and execution plan should include information on resources, costs, expected revenues, production and design, as well as fulfillment (and perhaps even marketing).  Talk to us about any concerns you may have and we can help you through the process! We excel at helping clients come up with unique solutions that achieve production, marketing and design goals.