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Planning Your Next Video Marketing Project

When planning your next video marketing project, there are many details to consider. Asking the right questions as you begin your preparation can lead to less frustration throughout the process and lower your costs in the end.

At MediaFast, we’ve produced numerous video marketing tools clients have used to achieve excellent ROI many times over. We are confident we make a great partner, and the following is some brief insight to what we know.

Points to decide as you plan your video marketing project

First, before calculating your budget, do sufficient research to ensure there will be plenty of buyers for your product or service. Second, it is wise to determine the price you will charge buyers for your product or service beforehand. Third, verify your price point is competitive in the market place. Fourth, when calculating your budget, do extensive research to determine your costs for producing your product or service. Fifth, determine your costs for fulfillment and advertising, which includes video marketing, to help ensure you will be able to follow best practices in regards to marketing and delivering. Far too often we see companies fail because they don’t advertise enough, so be sure to include it in your budget. Finally, determine how you will secure the funds necessary to create and run a successful operation that will result in an acceptable ROI.

In regards to the delivery method(s) you plan to use, this should impact the design of your video marketing product because different delivery methods have different requirements. For example, if you are going to mail DVDs as opposed to distributing them by hand, it would be wise to use a video sleeve with your company logo and marketing design instead of a DVD case with less design. You’ll want your video marketing product to win the “war in mailboxes” by being eye-catching enough to increase curiosity so your recipients will watch.

When it comes to custom packaging design, it’s always wise to obtain a custom template before a designer begins the graphic layout. Having a template designed to maximize the sheet size on a press, folding directions and bleed specs can save you a lot of money in the end.

Your budget and what MediaFast can do with your video marketing project

Calculating your budget and sticking to it is probably the most integral part of creating a successful video marketing product. Obviously, the point of creating and selling any product or service is to make money while satisfying your customers. If planned intelligently and shared wisely, a video marketing product can be produced efficiently and help increase sales greatly. Throughout the process, continually assess your budget and expenses to help ensure you stay on track.

At MediaFast, we fully understand the importance of budgets. We also have many years of valuable experience to help direct clients to a design that fits their specific needs. If we are included in the planning and production from the beginning, not only will we help clients stay on budget, but we might be able to help them finish under budget just as we’ve done previously for other clients.

Regarding design, it is often best to get professional help before the actual graphics are laid out. Have some ideas about functionality and presentation, but consult with us to ensure your ideas are viable and laid out in the most cost effective way. Even the best ideas usually need good plans to be successful. With that said, collaborating with those who have experienced success previously usually pays off. Planning details will save you time, and possibly money, in the long run.

At MediaFast, we excel at helping clients come up with unique video marketing products that achieve production, marketing and design goals. Contact us for help with your next video marketing project.

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