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This is a Point of Purchase Display with a video screen made by MediaFast for EZ-PRO TEXTURE.

Point Of Purchase Displays Are A Key To Success In Retail

In a world that is becoming increasingly digital, Point of Purchase Displays are a key to success in retail. They are one of the best ways to attract attention, increase the number of consumers in a store or shopping area, direct customers where to go, and much more. The key is to get the right POP Display for the right product or promotion.

In addition, designing unique graphics without cluttering the display is paramount. It helps to make sure the message stands out and can be seen from afar. As well, videos help them perform substantially better.

Why Point of Purchase Displays Work So Well In Retail

Point of Purchase Displays are displays that exist separate from a standard shelf in an aisle. Effectively, they insert a product into a shopper’s path to add exposure and boost sales.

When store owners incorporate POP Displays into their marketing strategy, they enable memorable interactions to take place between shoppers and products that otherwise might not occur. These interactions give products the opportunity to stand out from competitors. In many cases, the added exposure increases sales.

One of the greatest benefits they provide is they remove products from clutter among other brands. By doing so, they prevent shoppers from feeling analysis paralysis, which is basically feeling overwhelmed with options.

In addition, retailers can design them to coordinate with specific promotions, various seasons, or holidays. This make retail stores feel more user-friendly. It also helps store owners capitalize on impulse purchases that greatly increase revenue and make shopping more enjoyable.

POP Displays Are A Key To Success In Retail

Companies who spend time and money developing Point of Purchase Displays understand buyer psychology and how much it impacts a retail experience. For example, similar products need to be grouped together. So do complimentary products like shaving gel and razors or shampoo and conditioner. In the minds of shoppers, this simplifies their shopping excursions.

While POP Displays located in various areas in stores are highly effective, usually the ones located near check out stands perform best. For instance, batteries, gum, candy, and lip moisturizers usually sell better when they’re in Point of Purchase Displays near cash registers. Items seen on late-night infomercials tend to do the same. Even though shoppers may not need those items, they often buy them because the impulses become too powerful to resist. Or, they do so because they had forgotten they want them. Regardless of why, impulse purchases account for thousands of dollars in revenue each week in many retail locations and store owners rely on that revenue to keep their businesses profitable.

Also, while it can be difficult for lesser known brands to compete with bigger brands, POP Displays provide an excellent way to get them noticed. From what case studies indicate, using Point of Purchase Displays is a highly effective strategy to get products from lesser known brands purchased more often. They also work extremely well for product launches.

Videos In Point Of Purchase Displays Improve Performance

For retailers in today’s digital world, the in-person experience provides an advantage over online shopping. While people love their digital devices, they still want to see and experiencing many things live and in-person. Retailers who have videos available in shopping areas simply give them the digital content they enjoy.

Point of Purchase Displays can be designed with attention-grabbing videos of people interacting with products. They can also be designed with videos showing the benefits of products and their value.

To state it simply, using videos is one of the very best ways to successfully engage consumers, and videos naturally attract their attention. Furthermore, research shows that consumers feel like companies who use videos know how to better connect with them. They also sometimes even make sales themselves. For these and other reasons, video content in POP Displays helps them perform their best.

To purchase a Video Point of Purchase Display so your company can capitalize on a key to success in retail, or to get a FREE SAMPLE, contact us today.

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