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This is a Point of Purchase Display with a video screen made by MediaFast for Doodlematic.

Point of Purchase Displays Attract and Appeal To Shoppers

It benefits manufacturers and retailers greatly to attract and appeal to shoppers. One way they make that happen is by using Point of Purchase Displays. Basically, they’re highly effective sales and marketing tools for consumer packaged goods, and they impact the purchasing decisions of shoppers significantly.

The Impact of Point of Purchase Displays

POP Displays are excellent for introducing products and educating shoppers. They’re also exceptional at encouraging them to try products, which ultimately drives sales.

In addition, they enhance the appearance and aura in stores, with the best ones making them feel more welcoming and dynamic.

When placed strategically, they create visually appealing customer experiences. Whether they’re used to spotlight discount offers or specific brands for marketing purposes, they rely on some shoppers not knowing what to buy before going into a store. Then, as they notice them, they influence their buying decisions and often make sales themselves.

With that said, for retailers to get the most out of them, they need to be creative, unique, and well-executed. This is where the addition of videos has made the greatest difference. It’s also where manufacturers see the greatest impact.

A Point of Purchase Display With A Video In Action

While POP Displays are often much bigger, here is a video of one meant to be hand-held by consumers. It’s from College Park , one of our country’s industry leaders in prosthetics.

Videos In POP Displays Attract and Appeal To Shoppers

For retailers, an in-person shopping experience provides an advantage over online shopping. Even though people love their digital devices, they still want to experience things live and in-person. Videos being available in shopping areas simply satisfies both of those dynamics.

Furthermore, video content that is educational from manufacturers produces great value. Why? Because manufacturers can educate consumers more effectively than most regular salespeople. They’re also more trustworthy, inclusive, and focused.

With that in mind, to perform their best, POP Displays need to include attention-grabbing videos showing the products they’re promoting in action. This will escalate trust, increase familiarity, and plant thoughts in consumers’ minds of them using the products themselves, which should stick in their memories for future purchasing decisions.

And finally, another effective strategy is to make them interactive for consumers. For example, shoppers enjoy being asked to take quizzes or push buttons to activate videos that will entertain them. Those interactions have long term effects, and they take attention away from the products of competitors.

To buy Point of Purchase Displays so you can have them attract and appeal to shoppers in your stores, or to get a FREE Sample, contact us today.

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