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Point of Purchase Displays Attract Attention

Using a Point of Purchase Display (POP Display) is a great way to grab the attention of consumers in retail environments. Store owners usually welcome them because they add interest, and they definitely increase the sale of products.

Describing the value of Point of Purchase Displays

The beauty of POP Displays is they act as unique marketing tools retailers can count on for product visibility. With the right placement, they offer a great way for companies to gain new customers while also increasing the likelihood of impulse purchases. For example, light bulbs, batteries, magazines and skin moisturizers are purchased far more often when they’re made to stand out on Point of Purchase Displays because it helps people remember they need or want them.

Whether they’re simple or more elaborate with colors, images and graphics, the value of increasing the visibility of products is tremendous for retailers. Point of Purchase Displays can be placed in entrance ways, store fronts, at the end of aisles, in the middle of aisles, or on shelves depending on the marketing budgets of companies who make them and their agreements with store owners or managers who allow them to be placed in their stores. However, regardless of where they are placed, the goal is to have them boost revenue for both parties, and they usually excel at doing so.

Best uses for Point of Purchase Displays

  1. New Products: Highlighting products on a Point of Purchase Display will help consumers notice it over the products of competitors more easily. This is especially helpful when new products are introduced.
  2. Complimentary Items: When products compliment each other, a Point of Purchase Display will easily promote them together. For example, chips with dips, shampoo with conditioner, razors with shave gel, and crayons with coloring books tend to sell very well together.
  3. Seasonal Promotions: Holiday season decor, barbecue necessities, fireworks, sunscreen and tanning oils, waterfront accessories, snow shovels, ice melt, sports equipment, snacks for Super Bowl parties, and items that would make good Christmas gifts often impact purchasing decisions of consumers.

What makes effective Point of Purchase Displays

Companies Should Understand Their Target Audience: Whether looking to promote new products, complimentary items, or seasonal products, understanding a target audience and what impacts their buying decisions can help companies design the most successful POP Displays. By understanding their buyer’s profiles as well as their wants and needs, companies can shape the design of their Point of Purchase Displays to speak their language and connect with them emotionally.

The Best Use Of Available Space Is Extremely Helpful: It’s important not to miss the chance to grab the attention of consumers at the most opportune moments before they pass. It’s also important to utilize the space available on a Point of Purchase Display to help make that happen. Whether on a shelf or the floor, selecting the ideal size for a POP Display to highlight a product on it can make a great difference in how well it performs.

Location, Location, Location: Not only does the location of a retail store make a huge impact on the amount of revenue it receives overall, but where products are located within it impacts how consumers feel about shopping at it and whether or not they’ll return. Similarly, where Point of Purchase Displays are located within stores impacts how well they perform.

Video Content Should Be Used When Sensible: Point of Purchase Displays should never be boring. In today’s world, people love videos and pay more attention to them than practically any other form of marketing. As well, mass manufacturers can now produce clever layouts that include video screens in almost anything, including POP displays, which help them get more attention from shoppers and therefore increase sales of products featured in them. To learn more, read We Can Put A Video Screen In Anything (almost).

Get the best Point of Purchase Displays from MediaFast

Unique, attention-grabbing POP Displays can make the most of opportunities in retail locations for companies to engage consumers before they leave. The key is to give shoppers something to notice and feel interested in while they’re there. By including videos, Point of Purchase Displays immediately become more interesting to people who otherwise might simply pass them by.

For users, Point of Purchase Displays are one of the most inexpensive ways to promote products, even when videos are included. They often don’t cost much to make, they’re almost impossible to ignore, and some shoppers will go out of their way just to watch them.

To learn more about Point of Purchase Displays or the other marketing products we offer, contact us today.

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