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Point of Purchase Displays

Videos in POP Displays

MediaFast Point of Purchase Display for blendtec.

What is a Point of Purchase Display?

Point of Purchase Displays are highly effective sales tools typically found in retail stores. They're ideal for consumer packaged goods, and research shows they significantly impact purchasing decisions of shoppers. To enhance them, we include video screens embedded in them.

What is their

Their purpose is to present products in a way that helps them stand out from their competitors. Retailers and manufacturers use them to draw attention to new products, special offers, and to educate consumers in a more reliable way than many retail employees can.

Why choose them for marketing?

Since information printed on them and included in their videos comes from manufacturers, it tends to be more trustworthy than what consumers can learn from typical retail sales employees. Plus, analytics show they boost sales, and consumers appreciate them.

Examples of Point of Purchase Displays

Point of Purchase Display Features


More than anything, we want your point of purchase displays to meet your wants and needs.
To make that happen, you can choose from many different variables, which include overall design, memory capacity, screen size, battery capacity and more.


Our screens are HD and come in a variety of sizes ranging from 3” to 10.1”.
While analytics haven't shown that size impacts return on investment (ROI), what’s most important is that the screen size looks good in each unit.


While memory is scalable, our standard size includes up to 10 minutes of internal memory.
If you want or need more, other options are available—all at competitive prices.


All of our Point of Purchase Displays include full color printing with a choice of glossy or matte lamination.
Additional features include spot UV, foil, PMS colors, embossing and more.


Unlike our competition, we don't charge for buttons.
The most common buttons are Pause/Play, Volume Up, Volume Down, Video Chapter buttons (multiple videos can be included, each activated by its own button), Skip Forward, and Skip Back.


POP Display sizes can be customized to meet your wants and needs.
You’ll find existing templates to choose from on our website, or we can create a new size for no additional charge.


We load video content at no additional charge during production.
The capacity is 10 minutes, and as many files as that allows can be included. Our uploading feature allows our clients to change the .MP4, .MOV, or .AVI files (not HEIC or HEVC) at any time, meaning we do not lock video content.


If the video in your POP Display gets played so much that the batteries run out, that's no problem.
The lithium batteries in each unit are rechargeable just like in cell phones. All you have to do is plug them in and charge them right back up with the cord that is provided.


We don't lock video content, so our clients can change their videos at any time through a simple process.
If anything changes or you just want to freshen it up, changing videos in our video marketing products is easy with a MAC or PC.

POP Display Videos


POP Displays are created based on your wants and needs.

Product Security

We custom mold them to keep products safe and enhance presentations.

No Minimum Order

With us, you can order from one to thousands.

Change Video Content

Videos can be different in each unit and changed at any time.

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