Preparing Your Master

Preparing a CD or DVD master for replication or duplication can be a tricky process. There are a few significant items that should be considered when submitting a master to Media Fast so that problems can be avoided and the ordering process can be expedited.


Recommended Maximum Length for an Audio CD

Audio CD’s and DVD’s are written from the inner stacking ring to the outer edge. Most of the errors in CD & DVD replication and duplication occur as the digital content reaches the outer edges of the disc. Accordingly, Philips recommends that for optimum performance, any audio CD program should not exceed 74:30 minutes. For CD masters exceeding 74:30 minutes of audio, you must sign a waiver. Ask your Media Fast representative for more information.


Handle Masters Carefully

After you create your master, make sure that you handle it carefully. Be sure to avoid touching the data side of a CD-R or a DVD-R. Avoid getting fingerprints on tape or other sensitive media. Keep masters out of the sun or intense heat. Always package masters with enough padding to prevent damage during shipping. These precautions can prevent problems that could delay or increase the costs of your media projects.


Provide Two Copies of Each Master

Sometimes a master can contain errors that only Media Fast’s sensitive testing equipment can detect. However, these errors are often circumvented if two copies of each master are provided to Media Fast. This prevents disc burn errors that are contained in one master from delaying the manufacturing process.


Keep One Copy for Yourself

Always keep at least one copy of each master that you produce in your own archives. This is a type of insurance against the problems that would arise if the only working copy of your project was damaged during shipping.