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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for Tsunami.

Pricing For Video Brochures, Video Mailers, and Video Boxes

We often get asked about our pricing for video brochures, video mailers, and video boxes. That creates a challenge for us, though, because… How do you give a simple answer to such a complex question?

Hmmm… Why is it complex you might be wondering?

Well, because there are a lot of variables when it comes to making these video marketing products. In other words, there are so many combinations that can be chosen between the various components that reading a set pricing grid could get confusing. So, we don’t have one.

Explaining Our Customized Pricing Solutions

Instead of having a set pricing grid, it actually simplifies things for prospective clients to talk to us first while price is being determined. Here are reasons why.

Most importantly, we don’t want to just sell you a video brochure, video mailer, or video box. Instead, we want to sell you the right one with the right variables to help you succeed while fitting in your budget.

On top of that, since you can choose from multiple sizes of memory, screens, and batteries, it helps to know what you have in mind first. You can also choose between hard cover and soft cover, and the units can have up to 14 buttons.

Also, you may not need what you think you need, so we might be able to save you money.

In other words, the possibilities are extensive. However, depending on what you need and want along with what we know has worked well for hundreds of our clients, having a discussion first makes a ton of sense.

And who wants to sit there for what could be hours putting variables together when they really don’t know what will work best for them?

With that said, to save you time and help us be more accurate, we’d like to talk first. Then we can narrow down the variables and match them with what should work best for you.

And no, we don’t try to upsell for the sake of making more money. That’s not our style. In fact, it’s common for us to talk clients into lower-priced options because first and foremost, our goal is for them to enjoy as much success as possible… Not for us to make the most money. To learn more, click Q&A with Amy Hafen, President of MediaFast.

Details About Our Pricing

In addition to what was said above, it benefits our prospective clients to hear our best practices while discussing their thoughts, concerns and ideas. They’re founded from over a decade’s worth of experience with video marketing products. And they can be a huge difference-maker in how well our client’s marketing strategies perform.

Having said that, here’s what’s important to know:

  1. We don’t charge set-up fees or surcharges…and there won’t be any surprises in our invoices.
  2. We don’t use high-pressure sales tactics.
  3. You won’t catch us upselling for the sake of making more money.
  4. We often talk our clients into lower-cost options after having discussions about price and product variables with them.
  5. We have over a decade’s worth of experience with video brochures, video mailers, and video boxes, all of which has taught us what the right product and strategy is for what our prospective clients need and/or want.
  6. Our prices are competitive in our industry.
  7. We only use brand new, Grade A components to make the quality of our products second-to-none.
  8. Capitalizing on our experience has helped many of our clients enjoy more success than they ever imagined.
  9. We’re confident it’s worth your time to help us help you.
  10. With that said, we’re worth a phone call or an email exchange since we can give you far more than just a pricing grid.

Effectively, we’re confident you’ll gain a lot from having a discussion with us. Then, whether you choose to collaborate on a video brochure, video mailer, or video box project with us or not, we believe you’ll be better off for it.

Pricing For Video Brochures

Even though we believe listing a set price online is too challenging based on what’s explained above, here’s a range to see if your company can afford these highly effective marketing products.

On average, our video brochures cost between $19 to $65 per unit, mostly depending on screen size and quantity ordered.

For instance, an order of one hundred with our most popular screen size cost about $27 per unit.

By comparison, that’s far less than you’d probably spend taking a prospective client out to lunch or dinner.

To see examples of video brochures we’ve created for clients, check out the following video.

Pricing For Video Mailers

While video brochures are typically hand-delivered, video mailers are mailed in classy, custom packaging boxes. Those boxes are why they cost slightly more.

For example, an order of one hundred with our most popular screen size cost about $33 per unit.

By comparison, video mailers cost significantly less than expenses you’d probably incur while traveling to visit your target audience. And, coincidentally, these often speed up sales cycles.

Just to explain a little more about our custom mailer boxes, we’ve tested many different options. Ours have only a .004 percent damage rate—less than half a percent—which is far superior than other packaging solutions.

On top of that, video mailers are highly branded and feel important. Messages in them get seen, shared, and remembered. They’ll also succeed at helping you engage even hard-to-reach decision-makers who typically don’t respond to salespeople, and they’ll likely be more interested in speaking with you or your team afterwards.

Those benefits combined with our turn-key fulfillment—yes, our experts will mail them for you—means we’ll do the heavy-lifting so you can continue doing what you do best.

To see examples of video mailers we’ve created for clients, check out the following video.

Pricing For Video Boxes

As a general rule, a video box typically costs twice as much as a video brochure. Why? Because they’re designed to include swag, gifts or samples, which means they’re bigger.

We also custom-mold their insides so their contents will be better protected. That helps ensure their presentation goes as expected, and we do so with recycling in mind.

To give you an example of their cost, an order of one hundred with our most popular screen size costs about $70 per unit.

With that said, here’s a question for you: Can you impress your target audience with swag, samples or gifts combined with video for less? In our opinion, no—especially having seen the ROI video boxes typically produce.

What we go for is special, memorable, and a huge WOW factor that can’t be beaten by any other type of marketing that includes swag, gifts or samples.

To see examples of video boxes we’ve created for clients, check out the following video.

Summary Video by Amy Hafen, President of MediaFast

To summarize what has been explained above, here’s a short video by Amy Hafen, Owner and President of MediaFast.

Get Industry-Leading Value From MediaFast

As an added perk, we do not lock video content on video brochures, video mailers, or video boxes purchased from us. While most of our competitors do, we simply don’t think that’s fair to our clients. Instead, it’s beneficial for them to be able to update and reuse them anytime they want, and it also prevents them from having to purchase new ones as often.

On top of that, we operate with a consultant-style, white-glove approach, meaning we keep ourselves available for interactions with our clients as much as they’d like. And that’s the case from start to finish.

And last but not least, customer satisfaction is our highest priority. For instance, here’s a recent testimonial from Craig Kirsner, MBA.

We’ve had an excellent 5-year relationship with MediaFast! The quality of their video brochures is second to none. Amy and her team are excellent communicators, efficient, and their attention to detail is phenomenal. Most importantly, their video brochures look extremely professional and super high-quality, and our clients have been really impressed! They have definitely allowed us to better communicate with our prospective clients and have helped make these past 5 years an absolute success! Thank you MediaFast!”

After reading this, if you’d like to purchase any of our products or get more details about our pricing for video brochures, video mailers or video boxes, contact us today.

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