This is a MediaFast video mailer box and CD for the rock group ACDC.


Extensive Print and Packaging Options


MediaFast has been helping clients with packaging solutions for more than 30 years. We’ve collaborated on tens of thousands of products and have the privilege of being involved in creating some of the most memorable packaging solutions in the market today. With more options than ever before, MediaFast can provide a custom packaging solution that makes your project unique and more valuable in the eyes of your customers.

This is MediaFast packaging various companies.
This is a MediaFast video mailer box and CD for the rock group ACDC.


Disc Packaging

We offer the full gamit of disc related packaging, from standard options like Jewel Cases, DVD Cases, pocket sleeves, wallets, and paper window sleeves to other award winning custom promotional items.



Product Packaging


From an simple double tuck carton to a intricate multi cavity solution we build them all. Our material solutions include kraft, SBS, chipboard, corrugated, APET, PET PVC, foam board and more

This is a MediaFast video box for United Systems.
This is a group of MediaFast video brochures, CDs, DVDs, USB flash drives, packaging and swag.



Kits include a wide range of products like Printed Folders, Binders, Manuals, Discs, Magnets, Flyers, Brochures and more. As a result of the volume of products we produce on a daily basis, we can provide a quality custom kit at a lower cost to our clients.



The MediaFast QuickMailer can be manufactured and mailed for less than $2 each, and even less in bulk orders! All of our QuickMailers are USPS approved to meet automation requirements and give our customers the most cost effective postage rates available. Our MediaFast QuickMailer designs secure each disc tightly within the sleeve. As a result, the pocket is sealed. We have successfully mailed millions of pieces!

This is a MediaFast Sample Kit showing a video box, video brochure and video business card as examples.


Interactive Packaging

Integrating video and print into a single unit has proven to be an incredibly powerful tool. Video brochures, video mailers, audio mailers, audio boxes, video boxes, and video POPs are some examples of interactive packaging. 



Outer Shipping Cartons / Boxes


In the direct to consumer age it’s essential your product arrives safely to your clients door. MediaFast excels in creating engineered outer shipper solution that combine beauty with function

This is a Point of Purchase Display with a video screen made by MediaFast for Doodlematic.


Point of Sale Display (POS or POP)


As a result of high employee turnover in the retail market it’s hard to depend on an associates knowledge of your product to help consumers. A video POP bridges that gap allowing consumers easy access to your product information exactly as you intended on demand. 


Kitting & Fulfillment


MediaFast helps you end to end. We will help you with product kitting in addition to producing your product packaging.

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