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Potential client looking at a video brochure.

Profit Substantially With Video Mailers

As a result of video brochures becoming super popular, companies have discovered they can profit substantially with video mailers.

From the moment they’re delivered, video mailers are hard to ignore. They beg to be opened and feel like gifts to recipients. Then, when they’re opened, viewers are greeted instantly by impressive HD quality video with sound that delivers messages in an unforgettable way.

3 ultimate benefits of using video mailers

First, they make an outstanding first impression. Instantly, when a recipient holds one in their hands, they feel like they’ve just received something special. Also, the initial appearance of video mailers can be enhanced with finishing techniques like gloss coating, embossing, and foil stamping.

Second, they deliver messages with a “Wow Factor”. Initially, recipients are enticed by attractive custom packaging. However, they become even more enticed when they open the video mailer and see an LCD video screen starring back at them. Then, when the video comes to life, the “Wow Factor” hits immediately. It is at that very moment users benefit ultimately from the power of video marketing. They can feel certain their message will be seen, heard and remembered.

Third, messages become unforgettable. After experiencing an engaging presentation like a video mailer delivers, recipients usually find it hard to forget the messages they receive. Traditional brochures and paper flyers usually get thrown away and forgotten about fairly quickly. However, the substantial quality and perceived value of a video mailer naturally prompts recipients to keep them for repeated viewings. Furthermore, what naturally tends to happen is recipients feel inspired to share them with others. The more decision-makers receive and remember messages, the more likely they are to act on a call-to-action.

Video mailers are outstanding for distributing video brochures

Most companies who use video brochures have greatly benefited from the reasons why they are so profitable. Millions of videos are made around the world each day, and video brochures help companies ensure the “right people” see their videos.

To ensure messages get remembered, video brochures combine audio and visual in a remarkable package to engage prospects in a captivating manner.

Furthermore, video mailers enhance video brochures extensively. They grab attention, increase brand awareness, and improve open and response rates like nothing else the marketing world has ever witnessed. Effectively, they help ensure video brochures get watched, which for users is their main goal from the very beginning.

To learn more about video brochures and/or video mailers, contact us today.

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