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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for Hunter Lighting.

Prospects Will Love Receiving Your Video Brochures

During this time when face-to-face communication is difficult, prospects will love receiving your Video Brochures. They’ll make your messages tangible. They’ll get them in the same room with your target audience, and those prospects will be excited about the classy, new-age marketing piece you used to communicate with them.

The Key To Video Marketing Success

Without a doubt, the key to video marketing success is getting your videos watched.

As a marketer, you’re probably skilled at being creative and artsy. You’re also probably well aware of how to present messages in ways that your most-likely-customers will connect with.

Well, MAYBE the only thing keeping you from becoming a marketing genius is the method you’re using to present your messages.

For that purpose, we highly suggest Video Marketing Products like Video Brochures, Video Mailers, and Video Boxes.

The Power of Tangible Marketing

The definition of tangible is a thing that is perceptible by touch. While digital marketing is effective and we’re all about videos, combining both with traditional forms of marketing has become extremely powerful.

For example, here’s a testimonial from Jen Plack, Vice President of Direct Mail and Customer Retention at Stansberry Research. “We have worked with Sandie, Bill and the MediaFast team since the middle of 2017 when we first tested their video brochure mailer against our control creative for one of our long standing multi-channel direct mail campaigns. Their video brochure outperformed our control increasing orders by a 79.4%.”

And another one from a salesperson at Cornerstone OnDemand. “I have been trying to get a hold of (this) company for months now with no luck. Then I sent their CEO the video brochure mailer and he all of the sudden called me to set up an appointment! Yay!”

While those experiences are impressive, they are not unique. We hear others like them all the time, and the fact that COVID-19 is still impacting in-person visits and get-togethers like seminars and conventions makes Video Activated Marketing Products even more useful.

Why Your Target Audience Will Love Receiving Your Video Brochures

Video content is versatile and engaging. It gives viewers real life images of what they want to know. It also makes information easier to trust, and it’s efficient. Based on those qualities, it’s ideal for marketing.

What’s more, videos create a connection between companies and consumers that most forms of traditional marketing simply cannot. They bring people, places, and things to life. They put faces to names and voices to descriptions, which is why TV commercials have been so effective for decades, and they’re intriguing.

For those reasons, it’s well known that consumers respond better to videos than most other forms of marketing. In fact, they’re practically the next best thing to experiencing products or services in real life, and decision-makers love them because of it.

With that said, the one challenge marketers sometimes face is getting their target audience to actually watch their videos. Fortunately, Video Marketing Products are too interesting for recipients to ignore.

On top of that, video content tends to arouse emotions, which prompts viewers to respond to calls-to-action in them. As a result, response rates to the products we sell are sometimes as high as 70% according to feedback we’ve received.

MediaFast Video Marketing Products In Action

More than likely, you’ve seen Video Brochures, Video Mailers, and Video Boxes by now. However, if you haven’t, here is a video showing them in action:

Video Brochures Attract More Attention To Marketing

Wouldn’t you love to do marketing that makes you look brilliant? How about marketing that creates the best ROI? Or the best ROE?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, HD IPS Video Brochures will make it happen.

Truthfully, as effective as videos are, Video Brochures get target audiences to pay more attention to them. ROI with them is outstanding, and when marketers use them, they often enjoy greater results than previous strategies they’ve tried because they’re more interesting and efficient. Plus, recipients share them with others who influence their executive decisions. They’re too exciting and novel not to, and they’re even more powerful because of it.

After reading this, if you’d like your company to benefit from how your target audience will respond after receiving your Video Brochures, or to get a FREE Sample, contact us today.

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