Questions In Preperation To Social Network

Questions In Preparation To Social Network

With competition in the business world growing more rapidly than ever, we have often given advice on how to take advantage of social trends and social networking sites as part of an on line marketing campaign.  Instead of focusing on a specific social network or tip this week, we have gathered together a list of questions that you (or your organization) should probably be able to answer before even attempting to create an on line social networking strategy…


  • First and foremost, what does your business want/need?  New customers? A way to share information?  Modernized marketing techniques?  A way to retain current customers?  Deciding why you want to utilize social networking sites will help you know what to do next.


  • The next thing to ask yourselves is how you can fulfill those wants and needs using various social networking profiles and pages.  There are so many different social networking sites that considering which will work best as a solution for each of the issues raised in step one can help to identify which sites to spend your time on.  You can’t do everything, so prioritize.


  •  With regard to spending time, the next thing to consider is whether or not you need professional help!  Employing a social media specialist or consultant could make all the difference to your campaign if you are strapped for time or your time is simply better spent focusing on another facet of your business.


  • You make then want to think about who’s attention you are trying to capture and the best way to do so.  You will need to understand the desires and behaviors of those you wish to have as your client base, so it is always wise to do a little research.  You could even visit the pages and profiles of other successful organizations in your field to see what they are doing to successfully market online.


  • Finally, you should probably plan out whom within your organization will have access to your pages and profiles.  You want to look professional in every aspect of your business so only trust employees that you have full confidence in, with access.  If you are struggling to find someone suitable, seek professional services.  What gets written online never truly disappears!


So there you have it.  If you have any more questions about a successful social networking campaign or would like business advice generally, contact us directly!