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Quickly Convert Leads With Video Mailers

Whether your company needs help warming up leads or converting them into paying customers, video mailers provide an excellent solution.

For a few years now, we’ve seen revenue spike for companies who use video mailers in marketing. They’re innovative, attention-grabbing, impressive, and surprisingly more affordable than many people think.

If finding leads isn’t a problem, video mailers will convert them

At the end of the day, if companies aren’t getting qualified leads from their marketing, they’re just throwing money away.

To succeed, marketing is necessary for most companies. They spend thousands of dollars on websites, and then thousands more on Google ads, postcards, magazine ads, SEO, social media, and other forms of marketing. However, when leads don’t materialize or convert into paying customers, it feels totally unacceptable.

Sometimes the marketing messages (or advertisements) aren’t the problem. Many advertisements actually do increase  website traffic and draw people to social media pages. Unfortunately, most visitors simply click away without calling or filling out a form to request more information because fewer and fewer people are willing to make calls these days. Instead, they do what they consider thorough research online, and if companies don’t catch them during the few seconds they’re on their website or social media pages, then they’re likely gone forever.

With that said, there are ways for companies to get more contact from online visitors, and even tiny changes in marketing can make a huge difference. Simply tweaking an image, changing the color of a button, shortening a few sentences, or reorganizing the questions on a form can skyrocket leads or send them spiraling downward. The best techniques vary from industry to industry, and sometimes the best way to find out what will work is for companies to simply experiment with various options.

However, one technique in marketing that has proven to warm up leads and even convert them into paying customers is including videos with direct mail. We refer to them as video mailers, and they usually generate excellent ROI for companies who use them.

How video mailers convert leads into paying customers

While video brochures have become extremely popular, companies have discovered they can profit substantially by sending them to targeted prospects as video mailers.

From the moment they’re received, video mailers are hard for recipients to ignore. They feel like gifts begging to be opened, and when they’re opened, they greet viewers instantly with impressive HD quality video and sound to deliver messages in an unforgettable way.

Effectively, they deliver a “Wow Factor”, make an outstanding first impression, and help make marketing messages unforgettable.

While traditional brochures and paper flyers often get thrown away almost immediately, the cutting edge quality of video mailers naturally prompts recipients to keep them for repeated viewings. Also, what tends to happen is recipients share them with others, meaning more decision-makers view them. As a result, they sometimes help open doors for meetings that otherwise might not have been opened.

Video mailers overcome sales obstacles and help close deals

To get past gate-keepers and reach decision-makers, video mailers are excellent.

Videos engage more senses in viewers and provide an optimal way to say more in less time. They’re also adept at peaking interest and getting messages heard by people who sometimes might seem impossible for salespeople to reach.

They allow companies to put their best foot forward when introducing themselves, and they increase perceived value in companies who use them. Then, when hard to reach customers are engaged and improbable meetings actually take place, more deals tend to get closed.

To learn more about how video mailers can help your company or any of our other marketing products, contact us today.

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