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This is a MediaBuk video brochure.

R U Forgettable? MediaBuk Video Brochures Can Help

Want you or your company to be more memorable, or less forgettable? MediaBuk video brochures can help make that happen.

The benefits of being more memorable, or less forgettable

Most people find it easy to forget company names, personal names, names of products or services, job titles, statistics, numbers, dates, common feelings, routine experiences, and much more.

What people tend to remember more are problems, pains, frustrations, stunning images, fears, discomfort, joy, novelty items, special occasions, and unusual experiences in their lives.

When companies make themselves more memorable, they improve their chances of making more money. Showing prospects how they can solve their needs and satisfy their wants in 60 seconds or less is an effective strategy. Unfortunately, when pitching them on their business, many companies make the mistake of relying mostly on giving prospects their names, titles, statistics and other routine information because those tidbits are easy to forget. Yes, they’re important, but not exceptionally memorable. However, by using modern technology (like video brochures) to show the value they offer, companies can make themselves harder to forget.

For the most part, marketing is really nothing more than an attempt to make a brand more memorable. Consumers are constantly besieged by a world of choices, and the options they select often come down to the brands they remember most. Some brands, like some people, persist in people’s minds because they find ways to be more distinct and memorable.

With that in mind, an interesting question is why are some brands and people more memorable than others? They probably share several characteristics. However, the fact that they are more memorable shows it is possible for companies and people to make themselves more unforgettable.

Ultimately, the rewards for being unforgettable matter. Memorable people and companies are usually held in higher regard, and they enjoy great benefits because of it. Often, they are leaders in industries, organizations, and communities, and many people aspire to be like them. What’s more, they usually find it easier to make more money.

The benefits of MediaBuk video brochures

We invented MediaBuk as a way to make video brochures more affordable and practical for all companies. Prior to MediaBuk, companies would often tell us video brochures were too expensive for them or they felt like they didn’t necessarily need as many as they would have to order to get an acceptable price point per unit. Fortunately, MediaBük video brochures have been an excellent solution.

To learn more, follow this link: MediaBük video brochures by MediaFast

One of the greatest rewards for using video brochures is they help companies become more memorable. They’re practically impossible to ignore, and senders separate themselves from competitors almost immediately when a targeted recipient receives one.

Furthermore, the biggest impact video brochures make is when the video content is played. Yes, video brochures illustrate printed content very attractively and they are impressive to hold. There is a WOW factor with them that might be unmatched in marketing. However, the video content ultimately provides the “magic touch” that makes companies more memorable because it combines sight, sound and motion to engage more senses. Also, people love videos for all sorts of reasons.

And finally, video brochures make messages more memorable because people remember more of what they see and hear together. On average, people remember 10% of what they hear, 35% of what they see, and more than half of what they see and hear together. The combination of sight, sound and motion presented in videos presents communication that is superior to most other forms of marketing.

Become more memorable with MediaBuk video brochures

To grab attention, impress recipients, and deliver messages in an unforgettable manner, MediaBük video brochures are excellent.

Here are the different versions:

  • Business MediaBük
  • Memories MediaBük
  • Wedding MediaBük
  • Funeral MediaBük
  • Graduation MediaBük
  • Holiday MediaBük

We’ve witnessed video brochures become superstars in the business world over the past few years, and now they’re available for personal use as well. For anyone wanting to make a lasting impression with a message or gift, MediaBük video brochures are ideal.

To learn more about MediaBük video brochures or our other marketing products, contact us today.

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