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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for Hewlett Packard.

Reach The Right People with Video Brochures

Over the past several years, there has been a major shift in the way messages are presented to videos. To reach targeted individuals, video brochures have proven to be ideal because, even though videos are people’s preferred choice to review messages, it can still be challenging for companies to reach the right people with them.

Platforms on which videos make such a great impact

In 2005, YouTube burst onto the scene and opened video communication to the masses. As YouTube continued to grow, more and more companies began creating their own YouTube channels to promote their products, services, and opportunities. They also started sharing their videos online in places they believed their most likely customers would view them. From singers and advisors to motivational speakers and entertainers, superstars have been born on YouTube.

In the past decade, other platforms have become extremely popular for posting videos. Examples include Snapchat, Vine, Facebook and Instagram. They’re all user friendly, and they make it easy for users to get their videos watched since their profiles are linked to a network of friends and associates.

As convenient as it is for these platforms to help companies connect, arouse emotions, and promote themselves to target audiences, companies still often need a way to ensure their best prospects watch their videos. Opportunistically, this is where video brochures have proven to be outstanding. Not only can they be handed directly to or mailed to recipients, but they’re also practically impossible to ignore. Then, after they’re watched, they typically get shared five times or more because of how striking and impressive they are.

Why videos make such a great impact

Videos do what text and motionless images cannot. They create an immediate, genuine connection with viewers and motivate them to react and respond more enthusiastically. By combining visuals with sound and motion, they can better demonstrate, communicate, and portray characteristics in actual settings so viewers can see and hear more in a shorter period of time. In fact, without sound and motion, it isn’t even possible to describe many things with 100% accuracy.

On top of that, videos have the ability to tell stories both verbally and visually. Many people in business are familiar with the saying “Facts tell, stories sell.” They’re also familiar with concepts like “It’s easier to sell something when someone sees it versus when they only read or hear about it.” Videos have the ability to bring products, services, and concepts to life so prospective users can get a more accurate understanding of how they perform and the benefits they provide. Plus, when people watch videos, trust escalates.

A few advantages companies gain when they use videos is new business is often easier to find and repeat business tends to increase. Also, when video testimonials are shared, that’s often all it takes to turn prospects into buyers because consumers trust the experiences of others.

To fully enjoy the impact of videos, companies simply need to get theirs viewed by the right people.

Video brochures are ideal for reaching the right people

When companies know their target audience, having the best strategies to engage them can lead to huge profits. Response rates with video brochures are fantastic, and they’ve proven to be excellent for this purpose.

Furthermore, in the eyes of consumers, a company’s branding is what makes them stand out from competitors. Videos provide one of the very best ways for companies to present their brand to prospects, and directly distributing them in video brochures can ensure the right people see them.

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